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Functions of Car Brake Pads that You Must Know

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There are many components installed in a car`s braking system, including brake linings. The brake lining itself is a very important component in this braking system. Therefore, their status should also be monitored on a regular basis. So what’s the characteristic of the brake pads?. These brake pads are located near the wheels and also play a very important role in the car’s braking system. In fact, the brake pads themselves have a limited life. As a car owner, you should replace the brake pads as soon as possible if the condition of the brake pads indicates that they … Read More

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Power Steering Oil Change Tips

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There is still a lot that is wrong with Power Steering itself. Broadly speaking, power steering is a hydraulic technology that is used to provide relief to your car’s steering control. The power steering itself has technology that is divided into two, namely hydraulic power steering and electric power steering. Well, in both types of power steering, power steering oil is needed to provide ammunition so that the acceleration of the steering wheel is not heavy and stiff. Thus, the driver becomes more comfortable driving it.

The main key is to use the right oil fluid. For steering … Read More

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Disadvantages of Electric Cars You Should Know

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Before making a purchase, it would be nice to know in advance the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars. This is important, so you don’t regret it later. Just like any other car, there are definitely some advantages and disadvantages, although this electric car has a myriad of interesting features. So that you don’t regret it after buying, you should consider in detail the following shortcomings of electric cars

Electric Cars Are Less Environmentally Friendly

Although it does not produce CO2 and CO emissions, electric cars are considered less environmentally friendly. Scottish researchers from the University of Edinburgh … Read More

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Tips for Buying a Used Car During a Pandemic

5 workarounds for buying a used car that hasnt been paid off

The pandemic is still not over, but the need for safe and comfortable transportation is certainly very important. One of the best options is to buy a safe and effective certified used car that offers the best quality but at a more affordable price. But when you decide to buy a car, there are some things that you should consider wisely. For more details, see the following article.

 Make Sure To Buy A Used Car According To Your Needs

What do you need from a car? Is it just a means of transportation for you or your family? Therefore, make … Read More