Tips for Driving a Manual Transmission Car For Beginners

The existence of a manual car remains an option for many people who drive four-wheeled automotive vehicles. Although many claims that driving a manual transmission car is more difficult than an automatic transmission car or an automatic car, a manual transmission car has various advantages that its users like. If you’re still just learning, it’s important for you to understand how to drive a manual car for beginners to make it fast and smooth

Get To Know All The Components Of Driving

The first thing you have to understand before driving a manual car is to recognize the features of the car. Important components that must be known are the brakes, clutch, and gas. In manual cars, your two feet must work in rhythm to be comfortable when driving. You also have to recognize the position of the manual car gear which consists of 5 positions, each of which has its use.

Know-How to Start a Car Engine

Do not carelessly start the car engine. Check if the car is in neutral. If it is in a neutral position, then you can turn the key to the box to start the car. After the car engine starts, you can start using the car. Don’t make the mistake of identifying the three pedals at your feet.

Adapt to Use Gas and Clutch

How to drive a manual car for beginners, the next most important thing is to get used to using the gas and clutch properly. The reason is, one of the problems that beginner manual car users often complain about is the car engine that suddenly turns itself off because it is not used to releasing the clutch with gas.

Train to Shift Car Gear

There are five manual car gear settings that you should understand. Friends can start moving from practicing releasing the clutch and gas then practicing shifting gears on the car. The important thing that must be considered if you want to shift the car’s gear is to adjust the engine speed in a low condition, which is less than 2000 rpm.

Know-How to Increase and Decrease Speed

Beginners should know how to reduce and increase speed. In manual transmission cars, the clutch must always be used when you want to shift gears, either lowering or raising. After the gear has been moved, you can step on the gas if you want to increase the speed while releasing the clutch slowly.

Get In The Habit Of Turning The Steering Wheel On The Steering Wheel

Practice your ability to control the steering wheel of a car, especially on roads that are not straight or tend to have to turn. Friends can start practicing on a large field to get used to using every component in the car. Furthermore, if you feel you are familiar with each part of the car, then move to a road that has several turns. The goal is for you to get used to turning the vehicle and turning the steering wheel.

Practice Switching Skills

After you start smoothly shifting gears, releasing the clutch and gas than turning the steering wheel, then the next thing you should learn is changing lanes. Many people even claim to be experts in driving but do not understand the correct “Adab” when changing lanes. They carelessly change lanes without paying attention to the conditions around them.

Controlling The Car While On An Uphill Road

Whether it’s an automatic or manual car, of course, you have to be careful when climbing uphill roads. The reason is, it is feared that if you use the brakes wrongly and so on, it will make the vehicle go backward, especially when the road is jammed on an incline. Use the hand brake so that the car is restrained and does not go backward while slowly pressing the gas pedal.

Keep Standby Brake

Get used to the feet automatically recognizing the location of the brakes. Because the brakes are an important part of controlling the car to keep it safe.

Understand every step of how to drive a manual car for beginners above so that you are more accustomed to using a car. Routinely drive a car at least every day for a month or two weeks if you think you can. This is not only to make you memorize every component location but to build the right habits and feelings when driving.…

Advantages of Selling Cars Privately

Selling Cars Privately

Selling Cars Privately is one of the most common transactions. There are actually quite a few reasons for someone to sell their car. Starting from the need for money to the desire to replace it with a new one. So the question is, which is more profitable to sell cars privately or through dealers?. Some people prefer to sell them privately. Why? Selling a car privately is considered to be able to provide more benefits than selling it through a dealer. However, it must also be realized that selling a car privately is not easy, there are ups and downs and there are pros and cons. Who doesn’t want to make a profit when buying and selling? It is certain that everyone wants to profit from the goods they sell. Likewise in selling cars privately. Here are some of the advantages that can be obtained.

Advantages Of Selling Cars Privately First Save On Selling Costs

When you use the services of other parties, be it, dealers or brokers, there will be sales fees in the form of commissions that you have to bear. The sales fee or commission will certainly reduce the amount of cash you get from selling the car. Not only that, before making a sale, dealers or brokers will also make sure that your car is in good condition. If any damage is found either to the engine or to the physical interior or body, the dealer will definitely fix it first. For these remedial actions, of course, there will be new costs that must be borne by the car owner, namely you. Meanwhile, if you sell the car personally, then you can save on sales costs in the form of commissions, service fees, registration fees, and others.

The Selling Price Is More Favorable

An attractive car sales ad has the opportunity to bring in more potential buyers. You can immediately offer a selling price to prospective buyers, of course, by paying attention to the physical condition of the car, both body, interior, and engine. To convince potential buyers, of course, there will be a test drive session to test the overall condition of the car. If potential buyers assess the condition of your car is still good, then they will more easily agree to the selling price offered. Although in the buying and selling process there is a price negotiation, the discount or decrease in the selling price from what is offered will not be too far apart. This means that by selling your car privately, you have the opportunity to profit from a higher selling price.

Negotiations Are Easier And More Flexible

Selling cars through dealers or brokers means you can’t negotiate directly with potential buyers. All matters of bargaining in the negotiation process of buying and selling transactions are left entirely to dealers or brokers. That is, whether or not your car sells according to the selling price you want really depends on the negotiating ability of the dealer or broker. In fact, it is not uncommon for dealers or brokers to lower the selling price you want so that potential buyers are interested and agree to make a purchase.

It’s different if you sell the car privately. You can directly meet with prospective buyers so that the negotiation process becomes easier and more flexible. Especially if you have good negotiating skills. You can convince potential buyers more easily. In the deal the price is also more flexible because you as the owner can directly determine the desired selling price limit to be mutually agreed upon.…

Here are 10 Car Accessories You Must Have

The car for some people can be a second home. Yes, the car can protect its users from heat and rain and is very comfortable. Therefore, cars also need some complementary accessories to make them more comfortable. Well, here we will discuss recommendations for some must-have car accessories, namely:

The First Car Accessory Is A Parking Camera

The first is the parking camera. This one accessory can be purchased especially for those of you who are not so proficient in driving a car. This camera makes it very easy for you to park the car properly. The camera will show conditions behind the car that are often invisible to the driver. With this accessory, parking becomes easier and more convenient.

Android Head Unit

Having a camera on the back is useless if you don’t have a head unit. It is recommended to use an Android head unit because there are many features that make it easy. The Android head unit can display the conditions at the back of the car. Not only that, it can also be used to tune music, for GPS purposes, and much more.

Car Pillow and Mattress

Car pillows and mattresses can also be must-have car accessories. Especially if you are someone who often does activities outside the home. The car can be a comfortable resting place with a mattress and pillows. You can rest comfortably at your leisure.

Air Purifier

A closed car in fact does not prevent dust and various other harmful particles from getting inside. Therefore, an air purifier is one of the accessories that you can buy. This tool will filter the air so that the air you breathe is cleaner. Even though there is AC in the car, in fact, the AC actually worsens the air quality. Harmful particles such as viruses and bacteria continue to float into the air.

Car Trash

To create a car that is always clean, there’s nothing wrong with always providing a trash can. Use closed trash can so that dirt and odors do not spread throughout the cabin of the room. The trash can will also keep the car clean because the trash is not scattered.

Multi-Charger HP

The next accessory is a cellphone multi-charger which is also one of the important things in the car. HP is a primary need nowadays, so without a battery, you can die. Therefore, with the provision of a multi-charger in the car, you can charge it during the trip.

Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Lastly, there is a portable vacuum cleaner. Some elements of the car usually still use a cloth that absorbs dust. Dust is also often attached to the folds that are difficult to reach. This vacuum cleaner can be a solution to absorb the attached dust. Its small form is easy to carry everywhere.

Well, those are some car accessories that you must have in order to create safety and also comfort in driving. You can get these accessories in several places online and offline. How? interested in getting it?…

Special Things Get Car Insurance

In fact, it`s now no longer best for your personal fitness that wishes to be insured. One of the valuable items, such as a car, also needs protection given the high risk of driving that occurs today. In addition to protection in the form of compensation when the car is damaged or scratched, car insurance companies also provide several special things to customers. Here are special things that you can get when your car is insured. Confused about finding the best and cheapest car insurance? Pay attention to having a solution

Easy Car Insurance Claims

All policies have the right to file a claim if the vehicle is damaged, whether due to an accident, natural disaster, brawl, and others as recorded in the insurance claim policy. We recommend that you follow the claim submission procedure as determined by the company to speed up the compensation process.

Extensive Partner Workshop

A broken car is no longer a catastrophe. By insuring your car, you are entitled to fast repair services when your car breaks down in the middle of the journey. With a note, repairs are carried out at the workshop partner of the insurance company.

Customer Service

If at any time you have difficulty submitting a claim or do not understand the written points, then you can contact the insurance company’s customer service. This service can be accessed through the Whatsapp application, phone calls, or live chat on the company’s official website.

Ambulance Free

This special thing is given when the policy is in an accident on the way. The ambulance service will take the police to the nearest hospital for further treatment before the policy’s health condition worsens.

Reimbursement Of Transportation Costs

The insurance company also provides reimbursement of transportation costs if the insured car is damaged and is still in the repair stage. This reimbursement of transportation costs varies, depending on the policy of each insurance company.

Replacement Car During Repair

The car still under repair? No need to worry because as long as the car is repaired, the insurance company will provide a replacement car facility to accompany your days. So, you can continue to work as it should.

Free Crane Service

If the insured car can’t be used at all, the insurance company is ready to help. You do this by providing a free tow service to transport the car to a partner workshop for repairs.

Insurance Latest Features

Insurance companies often improve their services to pamper their customers. The trick is to add the latest features in car insurance products that are reportedly able to be used directly by customers.…