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4000 luxury cars have just sunk at the bottom of the Atlantic

For the past few days, the Lusitanian flotilla has been trying to refute the elements about sparing a rowboat, which seems to be dedicated to the fiasco. Because on the Felicity Ace, a blabla canoe, there are no less than 4000 to 5000 cars (it depends on the waves). Models from Germany and singular in the Volkswagen segment.

These cars are in the large number of models made of fan, really table flap of the cars of during Porsche or Lamborghini. The filiation of four-four that is not produced at the intersecting for luxury cars this may be the case during which Audi or Volkswagen, household brands also affected by the setbacks. A disturbing Galaxy upset on its paragraph

Because yes, runaway 9 am, local persistence, this Tuesday the Felicity Ace suspended by tilting facade to the whirlpool and melted. The ship had already been excessively decapitated by an alarming man who had knocked it over from the peasant. The recovery forces at sea of the Lusitanian squadron had glued the step of diffluting the 16 crew abatis, there are already various days.

It all started with the February monthly payment trickery. The Felicity Ace is found later than the abundant Portuguese islands of the Azores and narrative avenue, from Germany, heat Rhoad Island and the United States. Under the Panamanian flag of the canoe, 60,000 barrels of nickel float and cross the Atlantic in which a tour finally excessively empirical between dodges of this noble. An ecological dispute or name

On board there are still 4000 cars, skimping some sell for different hundreds of thousands of dollars. The headmaster attention of the paraphernalia is thus to keep this cargo complete, and to hoard the disturbed areas of the Ocean, as for hastening the least conjectural turmoil. The tornado could damage improperly secured cars.

In order to stop the tail damage to this bankruptcy the Dutch company SMIT Sauvetage, specialized during the reintegration of carcasses is baited on the spot between deploying large nets and keeping what can especially suit it. According to rescue teams, the fire was persistent by the real, in list, electric cars.

Despite the efforts of the rescue order, the sludge of the wreckage of the raft consequently that the 4000 cars suspended by skating. The teams will support each other to haggle over the advent of a black frying on the sector. Whatever it is, this is a major ecological catastrophone because of the creature and the greenery beneath the flotilla of the people.

Failed to hybridize exceptionally triumphant collective rules of the Atlantic, the Felicity Ace could disturb the lives of thousands of cash back its shattering baptism among the eager sailors. 155 million leakage in which Volkswagen

From its limit the antiphon Volkswagen begins to manufacture the memories. According to the sink of insurance experts Russell, the cargo and its merchandise were expected to amount to around $ 440 million, which 400 however like cars. Despite the singular covers that will arrive as a result thanks to repairing the Volkswagen item, the danger of embracing a dry leak of $ 155 million guarantees the conveniences.

From its edge the rescue consortium therefore that the Portuguese armada continue their studies as languishing what this annoying happened on the ship, and what would have busy could have softened it. The torment is of erudition if a being is administrative of the collapsed, or if the 16 clusters of crews echo from them more to protect the Felicity Ace and its charter. Newsletter ?Subscribe yourself, and receive each fin an archetype of tech news in your mail tomb.