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5 Ways to Take Care of a Helmet During the Rainy Season

The Helmet is an important piece of equipment when we ride a motorcycle or bicycle. Besides being important for maintaining the safety of the rider, this headgear can also complement the motorcyclist’s fashion while on his favorite vehicle. With these functions and uses, helmets need to be cared for properly to be safe and comfortable when worn, especially during the rainy season like today.multiclean1 toefl exam toefl test taker toefl test takers for hire hire a test taker test takers toefltoefltake test toefl taker take the toefl test takers for hire take toefl online

Water splashes and climate humidity in the rainy season can cause a helmet to be damp, smelly, and even moldy if not cared for properly. Remove all inner padding Always remove all inner padding after driving when it rains. The foam layer in the helmet that is damp or wet must be removed, both in the right and left ear spaces, the front (on a full-face helmet), as well as the top of the head.

 Dry The Helmet

If the inner padding has been removed, leave all parts of the helmet exposed to wind and sunlight. Shade when it’s dry and doesn’t leave it in the sun too long.

Wipe The Helmet With The Chamois

After that, please wipe the surface of the helmet with a chamois, and for the inner padding use a special foam to clean it.

Clean The Visor

The visor is also a very important part to keep clean because the visor has an important role. If the visor on our helmet is dirty then vision is also uncomfortable.

Don’t Leave The Helmet

Never hang a helmet on a motorcycle when it is parked. My advice is always to bring or at least leave a helmet in the helmet storage area available in every parking lot. Helmets that are hung or left on a motorcycle have the potential to fall and be damaged, easily exposed to dust, or even rain.