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6 Simple Ways Can Clean Car Injectors

Car Injectors

Car injectors have a very crucial function, namely as a supplier of fuel to the engine which then processes it into power. Because of its very important function, the injector must be maintained so that its performance remains optimal. The injectors must be clean so that the fuel supply to the engine is smooth. However, what happens if the car injectors are not checked and left dirty? Complaints that often occur are that the car feels less smooth, runs ‘dumbly’, is difficult to start in the morning, makes a rough sound that is not what it should be, and fuel consumption is also more wasteful.

Please note that, in general, there are three things that cause dirty injectors, namely not heating the car regularly, poor fuel choices, and environmental conditions. Well, to avoid that from happening, here’s how to clean a car injector:

Clean The Car Injectors By Speeding Up The Cycle

You can do this yourself. The trick, start the car engine. Then step on the gas pedal deeply to the maximum and hold for 1 to 2 minutes. Do the same thing up to 4 or 5 times. When the engine speed is high, the fuel burst is also strong. This is when the dirt in the combustion chamber will also be pushed out.


Make sure you are always diligent in doing service to an authorized repair shop. Because at that time the car will go through the tune-up process. One function of the tune-up is to clean the fuel line. That’s why after a tune-up, the car will feel lighter and smoother. Tune-up can also solve the injector problem. Mainly due to environmental factors. A dirty environment, especially if the car is often parked for too long in a dusty environment, can get into the injectors, stick, and clot.

Warm up the Car Before Driving

Without heating, the car can indeed go straight without a problem. But, did you know that this will actually have a bad effect on the engine? It’s best to warm up the car first in the morning for a few minutes, it doesn’t have to be too long. This heating process is also a form of a simple or instant tune-up because it can clean the injectors. Heating a car is actually a simple thing, but many vehicle owners overlook it. Then, not only cars, but motorcycles also need this treatment.

Choose Quality Fuel

Make sure you always choose quality fuel. High octane fuel, such as Pertamax, will not leave dirt on the engine. On the other hand, BBM like Pertamax can actually clean the engine. This is because Pertamax is able to produce more complete combustion, so it can reduce deposits. Although the price is slightly higher, you are actually investing in your car. Car engines including injectors will be more durable. You don’t need to pay extra to clean the injectors. Interesting right?

Parking in a Place that is Not Dusty

Another easy way is to choose a covered parking lot. Dust and dirt are definitely present but tend to be less than open parking lots. That way, less dirt gets into the car.

Put the Cleaning Liquid into the Fuel Tank

This method can be done alone without mechanical assistance. Just put the cleaning fluid into the fuel tank. You do not need to disassemble the engine components at all. But when entering the liquid must also be careful. This liquid will mix with the fuel and flow into the engine while cleaning it. After entering the liquid, the car can still be used as usual. You don’t have to wait until some time to start the car.

Even though you can clean your car’s injectors yourself, you still need to do regular tune-ups. Make sure your injectors and fuel are right so the car doesn’t stutter and can slide smoothly. Those were the simple ways you can do to maintain the car injector. Good luck and I hope the information was useful!