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6 Ways to Overcome Cracked Car Paint

Sometimes the cracked car paint doesn’t mean the paint surface has cracked. This can happen because the car paint is shrinking due to a lack of maintenance. It may also be affected by other factors such as B. Frequent rain or constant exposure to the sun. In fact, dealing with cracked car paint in your personal car is certainly very complicated, let alone  serious handling, if you want to work around this, do the following:

The First Tips For Dealing With Cracked Car Paint By Cleaning The Cracked Surface

All bodies are cleaned to cracks. We recommend using a grinding machine to clean the body panel. However,  the grinder’s eye can be replaced with an eye with a wire brush.  However, if this tool is not available,  body care can use a scrub to clean it. Rub and rub with a fairly sharp cloth until the cracked paint is gone.

Wait For The Paint To Dry

After painting, wait about 40 minutes for the paint to dry completely.

Use Sandpaper

Also, after removing the paint, it is roughly polished so that the surface is clean without leaving any dead paint. For this case, you can choose 80 sandpaper or you can choose 1500 fine water sandpaper for a smooth surface. Wait for the sanding mark to disappear.

Done Caulking

This can be done when the surface of the body is not flat due to previous erosion. So the solution can be to use a thin caulking process which is done the same as putty on other cars. after this is done, then proceed with painting the epoxy.

Car Surface Paint

Furthermore, the painting is carried out like paint on the surface of a car in general. When the varnish is painted, care must be taken so that the paint and varnish do not mix. Because if this happens, then the crack could happen again. A given paint cannot last for a long time under various conditions.

To paint a car, it is best to determine how thick the paint will be so that all parts can be quickly covered. However, for those who use a standard spray gun, it is reduced so that the output range is very small. However, if you use an air spray nozzle, it is better to increase the mouth so that later the volume will come out a lot even though the paint is thick.

Wait Until It’s Completely Dry

After everything is painted, wait again until all the parts that have been painted can dry completely. Well, if it is painted in red or white, it is necessary to give it a white primer first. The goal is that later the red or white paint can be quickly covered. If all the paint is completely dry, then the last step is the cleaning process. This is also done slowly and carefully, don’t let the paint that had just shrivel up again. Use paint that is not too thick to avoid the paint from melting. Make sure you apply the proper way of washing your car too.