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7 Things Car Owners Should Avoid During The Rainy Season

Towards the end of the year, usually, it will be the rainy season and drivers or vehicle owners have to prepare various things for this rainy season. This is of course useful for maintaining the safety of the drivers so that they can avoid things that are not wanted later. Because as you know in the rainy season, of course, there are many factors that can cause accidents and this is due to trivial problems. Therefore, as the right step, you can see 7 things that car owners should avoid during the rainy season, including:

Things Car Owners Should Avoid During The First Rainy Season Don’t Maintain Tire Conditions

Car tires are a very important component and this must be considered carefully because they will make direct contact with the road. However, what happens if the tires are no longer suitable for use, whether it is not checking the air pressure, tire treads that are no longer good, grooves, worn or damaged tire walls, and so on. Of course, something like this can cause accidents in the rainy season, and make sure you have to change new tires immediately if you find such a problem.

Not Checking Car Components

In addition to car tires, of course, there are many other car components and these must be checked properly, such as wipers and lights. As you know, in the rainy season, of course, the distance from the field becomes blurry and unclear, so it requires lights to illuminate the driver’s view. However, what happens if the lights and wipers don’t turn on? Of course, this is very dangerous for the driver is not it?

Can’t Maintain Driving Behavior

Next is not being able to properly maintain driving behavior and this is also included in 7 things that car owners should avoid during the rainy season that is important for you to know. Where when it rains, of course, performance such as brakes and tires will certainly decrease drastically. For this reason, do not be provoked by emotions and perform dangerous maneuvers such as driving a car at high speed or changing lanes suddenly, especially if the road conditions are jammed and this can be detrimental to many parties.

Keep Vigilance and Reduce Speed ​​When Passing Puddles

Next, you must be able to maintain vigilance and reduce speed, especially when passing through puddles. At this point, you are expected to have a good look at the car in front and make sure you don’t brake suddenly, which will make the car lose control. So, as a means, it is enough to lift your foot from the gas pedal and make sure to keep a safe distance from other vehicles in front.

Reduce Car Speed

Driving on wet roads and dry roads is certainly not the same. For this reason, it is recommended for drivers to reduce the speed of the car so that they can safely monitor road conditions and control the car slowly, especially through puddles.

Turn on the Hazard Light

This hazard light is indeed used when stopping in an emergency condition, for example, by changing a leaky tire and stopping on the shoulder of the toll road. However, sometimes these hazard lights can certainly interfere with the view and make other drivers confused, especially if they are used for an unneeded time or used inappropriately. Therefore, if you don’t need the hazard lights, it’s better to turn them off and don’t turn them on.

Not Routinely Perform Periodic Service

If we talk about 7 things that car owners should avoid during the rainy season, this is also one of them, namely not routinely doing regular service. It is better for every car owner to carry out regular service so that the car is maintained and can function optimally, especially during the rainy season. Likewise with the spare parts in the car, if the age of use is long, worn, or damaged, it must be replaced with new ones so that this can maintain the car’s performance properly.