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Advantages and Disadvantages of Car Carpet Noodles

Automotive friends, did you know that there are several types of carpets to coat the car? This classification is based on the material for making the carpet itself, what are they?

  • Car carpet made of rubber
  • Car carpet from synthetic material, namely PVC
  • Car carpet from velvet material

Now in this discussion, we will learn more about carpets made of PVC. This carpet is often also referred to as car carpet Noodles. This is because the PVC material is arranged and arranged in such a way that it forms an irregular pattern like noodles. This carpet is not as popular as other types. That’s why at least with this discussion, your insight about noodle carpets for cars will be wider. It might even be a consideration for those of you who are currently looking for a car carpet. Therefore, here are the advantages and disadvantages of car noodle carpet:

The Advantages of Car Carpet Noodles

Preset shapes: These carpets have been sold in different shapes depending on the type of your car. That way you don’t have to bother cutting anymore.

Elegant design:

This type of carpet has a variety of colors and unique shapes. Thus it can beautify the interior of your car. This will further increase the comfortable atmosphere for you to drive


Effective Dust and Water Filter

PVC is a waterproof material so it will not make it damp. Based on these advantages, this carpet is guaranteed to be free from mold. In addition, the design is made like a braided noodle, making it able to hold dust and dirt in the gaps of the carpet. Don’t worry, you can also clean it easily.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Some types of noodle carpets have been equipped with modern technology to further support their use. These technologies include:

  • Nano care and royal clean technology to prevent the carpet from emitting unpleasant odors. This can be done because this technology allows the carpet to absorb dust and water
  • Nano Care Technology which functions to prevent the growth of bacteria in the carpet

Not Easy to Shift

Shock and vibration in the car can cause the carpet to shift. This shift can be annoying especially in the driver’s seat. The carpet can block the gas and brake pedals and make the car’s acceleration not optimal. Therefore, the noodle carpet has teeth on the bottom surface. The goal is that the carpet is more firmly gripped at the base of the car.


Longer in the Drying Process

Indeed, the crevices of the fibers in the noodle carpet make it effective dust and dirt filter. However, this also makes many parts of the surface difficult to reach because they are blocked by fibers. Thus this carpet takes longer in the drying process.

Not as Durable as Rubber.

If your noodle rug is not made of pure PVC then it probably won’t last very long. This is indicated by the fibers in the rubber which harden faster, fall off quickly, and are separated from the base layer. This can happen because there are recycled materials with low durability in their fiber composition. Of course, you need to spend more if you want a noodle carpet made of pure PVC

Thus a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of car noodle carpets. Hopefully, the explanation above is useful for you. See you in other interesting discussions about automotive