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Can a Car Dealer Replace the Windshield?

New car owners often wonder if they should go to the dealership for repairs. They can, but usually, it’s not much better than going to a specialist, especially for something like a windshield replacement.

You might not know where to go or who to trust with your car repairs. You just want it fixed without any hassle. Windshield replacement and repair are the same. Both have their pros and cons. Let’s look at the differences in service and what you should think about when picking where to get your windshield fixed.

Car Dealer

Dealerships can also replace windshields and damaged windows. They use OEM glass, which means it’s ordered straight from the vehicle manufacturer.

Glass for Cars

They offer many services for car owners, like fixing cracks and replacing rear and side windows. You can get the work done quickly at the shop, or you can choose mobile glass replacement for convenience at your workplace or home.

Who Can I Trust to Replace My Windshield?

When deciding who to contact for windshield replacement, consider some key differences. Car glass specialists offer benefits like lower prices and mobile services. Replacement by a dealer or glass shop is quite similar in terms of the windshield type, size, compatibility with advanced driving systems, and insurance coverage.


Many people ask us how much it costs to replace a windshield. Most car owners worry about the expense. Market estimates show that dealers usually charge $150-300 more for auto glass compared to specialists. This applies to all car models, including luxury and economy brands.

Why is it pricier to replace the windshield at a dealership? Some dealerships hire mobile glass companies to do the replacement on-site. Then, the dealership adds a markup to the replacement windshield cost for the owner.

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