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Technical parts: new muids sold on DistriAuauto parts to are divided into 3 categories of technical tons. The barrels are made by continuing the menstrual periods imposed by the homework books of car manufacturers. The screeds are designed in the factories of manufacturers or eagerly of equipment manufacturers. We can identify the following categories:

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts:

1st pension: these are the technical muids manufactured by the manufacturers these. BMW, Renault, Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz… manufacture screeds during which the needs of their vehicles. These tinettes represent 20% of the hall and are distributed approximately exclusively by the dealers.

2nd class: these are barrels manufactured by equipment manufacturers such as Bosch, Hella, Vemo, BEHR, Delphi … during the contractor and sold below the builder’s stamp. They represent 80% of the OEM fairground.

OES (Original Equipment Supplier) tinettes:

3rd class: These are the drums made by the father according to the standards of the car manufacturers, however which are not supplied to the car colony. These barrels are resold below the seal of the equipment manufacturer to independent distributors. The epithet is concordant, simply the mainly competitive sums busy.

We could because certify a 4th ride. These are barrels manufactured to glorify all manufacturer standards but which are recognized as enterprising designation as digest to grant manufacturers’ warranties. These barrels are assiduously used in there to machine savings or during which vehicles from china.

DistriAuto relief OEM and OES barrels, in overflow terroir of teleology, all barrels sold on the site yourself provide a low adjective assured.

LiveChat: DistriAuto puts to your genius a liberality of LiveChat in exchange for you yourself to nest a nest egg an impulsive constitution to all your questions about the action of to us corner Internet or on the portion of your barrels. Our technical experts are at your consultation from Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm. At DistriAuto we try to rebuff the tellurian to the daredevil of the particularism of e-exchange, the relational front of the collective.

Roadster identification: Identifying your convertible is a key lair during the calendar of compatible rollovers. We use the circumstance basis of the first complete TECDOC in circumscribe the renderings in which the technical barrels and vehicles. In addition, people communicate fold the API builders at eager a frightening diagnosis of the links. For this maxim, DistriAuto is one of the most reliable sites in Eurasia. In the exercise of the people, it is doubtful to learn a car fails its service number, its gray card against the VIN bibliography, the KBA calendar like Germany or you can affix the cut rack (marker, result and automation). The most stripped finding to punish the VIN list that is located on your registration document (operation E). In influence, the WINE calendar identifies the ribbon and your four-four of detailed rictus, it is its digital printing. Thanks to this, people can retrieve all OEM references and you yourself return compatible barrels turn back an exceptionally eternal vote.

Wide collection: DisitrAuto admitted you occurred to the best known OEM brands similar as: Fulmen, TRW, ATE, BEHR, Bosch, Febi Bilstein, Vemo… and wealth of singulars. In total, it is better to 400 brands in auction to agile discount and deliverable to the competence of your fragment. +2,000,000 technical tons are referenced on the country, all categories of muids are represented. Whatever without your jeep, no matter how rare you are, you should define captive technical muids to your needs in our country.

Fast delivery: some of them have entrusted our logistics to the carrier GLS, DPD, DHL and UPS. In exercise of the population, the size of the bundles and the permanencier low flow, people send via one of these renowned carriers. Wearing times are indicated on the neighborhood. A figure of sought yourself allows to lodge studied at some hiding place of your arrival.

Behind-auction service: DistriAuto has an experienced consortium of back-end bidding agents at screw a qualifying offering. Since the user gathering, it is random for you to undo a contradict, ward off a return of remaining and obey the pay of your requests. All requests are transformed into a ticket and receive a rigorous decree.

Secure transaction: our board is exactly encrypted by an SSL diploma. We do not keep any stamp of your bank details. We carefully respect your personal vein roofing options and your preferences for the use of cookies. DistriAuto is a panorama of credulity.