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Caring for Car Glass in the Rainy Season

Car Glass

The rainy season arrives, it’s time to do more maintenance on your car glass. Not only to be aware of components prone to rust, but the windshield of a car also needs to be maintained to have good visibility when used for driving in rainy weather. Here are 5 tips you can take to make sure your car can be seen clearly even when you are out in heavy rain. What are the steps?

Make Sure the Car Window Glass is Free of Mold

The mold that stains the glass can interfere with the visibility of riders, especially in the rainy season. There is no other way than to clean or prevent mold from sticking to the windshield. You can do this by using a special fungus cleaner or inexpensive alternative ways such as aquarium glass cleaner. Clean the car window at least once a week, more often if the car rains every day.

Maintain Rubber Wiper Resilience

Make sure the wiper rubber remains supple. Do not let the wiper rubber make a loud sound because it is too attached to the glass, or otherwise unable to block the flow of rainwater from the roof to the window because it is too loose. Always keep the elasticity so that it functions optimally.

Make sure the Wiper Reservoir Keeps Filled

Do not leave the reservoir tube empty. Always make sure it is completely filled with clean water or an additional liquid specifically for cleaning glass. But if you are pressed, you can use a cheap alternative, namely by mixing a little water with soap.

Apply Rain Repellent Liquid

Often feel disturbed when the glass is cleaned often? The solution to making the windshield shine again can use a rain repellent.

Routinely Clean the Windshield of the Car

You can do this by regularly wiping the windshield of the car, just after use or when it is raining, and keeping the car air conditioner at a temperature that is not too cold when it rains. Because, it will help you clean the windshield, from the dew that sticks to the glass due to rain.