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Causes Of Unstable Injection Motor Gas

When riding a motorbike, it is certainly comfortable if you can start the motorbike smoothly and it goes smoothly too. When pulling the gas handle, the motor with normal function should be able to go straight away. However, sometimes the injection motor gas is not stable and it seems as if the motor is about to break down. If this happens, of course, it can make motorists worry.

For those of you who have a motor with injection technology, unstable gas can occur. What is the cause and how to deal with unstable motor gas so that it doesn’t happen again in the middle of driving? Check out the following review.

Cause Of Unstable Injection Motor Gas, The First Is That The Air Filter Is No Longer Working

The filter functions to filter the air that enters the combustion chamber of the engine. A good filter should separate the air from dirt and dust. But if the filter has not been replaced for too long, then the filter will be dirty and as a result, will not function properly.

It is at this time that the dirt enters the combustion chamber. As a result, the gas pull of the motor becomes unstable and feels heavy. In the most severe conditions, the motor can suddenly break down. This will happen when a filter that is already very dirty is forced to work. Therefore, make sure to check the filter regularly and replace it when it is no longer suitable for use.

Installing the Invalid Valve

Installing the valve or valve must comply with the standard. Not too baggy, not too tight. If the installation is not appropriate, the incoming gas pressure will be out of place. A valve that is too tight will open quickly and take a long time to close. This results in more gas entering than it should. Conversely, a valve that is too loose will open too late and close quickly. A valve that is not up to standard will affect the compression pressure in the combustion chamber. Therefore, make sure the valve is installed according to standards.

 There is a Damage to the Injection Sensor

The function of the injector is to spray fuel into the combustion chamber. The trick is to turn the particles into mist. The injector must also be kept clean because it can affect the quality of the fuel spray. If the injector consumes fuel that is of poor quality, this can cause an unstable motor gas pull. It is highly recommended to use fuel with a high octane rating. Pertamax which is a good quality fuel with a high octane rating will not contaminate the injectors. In fact, Pertamax can simultaneously clean the injection sensor.

 Less Fuel Pressure

Injection motorcycles are usually equipped with a fuel pump or fuel pump. Each type of motorcycle has a different size of fuel pressure. To measure the fuel pressure used a tool called a fuel pressure gauge. Through this tool, the driver can know if the fuel pressure of the motorbike is normal or not. The motor may experience unstable gas pressure because the fuel pressure is less than standard. It’s a good idea to check the fuel pressure during service at the workshop so that it always matches the size it should be.

Incorrect Spark Plug Gap

The installation of spark plugs also has its own rules. The gap must be in accordance with the rules in order to work properly. The size of the spark plug gap will affect the ignition temperature which is then forwarded to the combustion of fuel and air in the engine. If the spark plug is stretched, the spark is bigger. This is usually done on a modified motor. Conversely, if the spark plug is installed too tightly or tight, it can cause the thread to break. Either too loose or too tight, both can have a bad effect on the gas pull. Especially on injection motorcycles.

 Machine Stationary Rotation Does Not Fit

Likewise with the stationary rotation also affects the gas pull. If the stationary speed is too low, then the gas pull of the motor is unstable. This seems trivial and rarely noticed. Though it is one of the main causes of the lack of gas injection motor pull. After knowing the various causes of unstable motor gas and how to overcome them, it is better if the motorbike owner regularly checks the condition of the motorbike. In addition, all component installations must comply with the standard.