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Differences Of Turbocharger And Supercharger For Car

Turbocharger And Supercharger

Currently, there are not a few new cars whose engines have small capacities. Even so, it can produce a lot of power. It turns out that this small capacity engine is supported by a turbocharger and supercharger. Both have the same function, namely increasing the engine power of the car. the results of the upgrade can be very large compared to the original.

For those who are still unfamiliar with this term, the two may be considered the same. But even though the function is the same, actually both have some differences. For more details, see the details and differences between the following turbocharger and supercharger!

The Difference Between The First Turbocharger And Supercharger Lies In The Turbine Propulsion

The main difference is from the source of the turbine propulsion. Turbochargers use air pressure from exhaust gases. This gas is obtained from the rest of the combustion products that are released through the exhaust. While the supercharger gets power from the engine rotation energy. So, the supercharger is very dependent on the engine, while the turbocharger is not. Turbochargers rely on combustion air. This air is certainly hot because it must be cooled first with an intercooler. Once cooled, the power generated can be maximized.

 Fuel Efficiency

Judging from the fuel consumption, the difference between a turbocharger and a supercharger is also visible. Turbochargers tend to be more efficient. This is of course because the turbocharger moves using a turbine and only utilizes air from the exhaust gases. While the supercharger uses engine power, it obviously requires more fuel consumption.

However, both turbochargers and superchargers will be more leveraged if they use good quality fuel. Quality fuel with a high octane rating such as Pertamax Turbo will produce a more perfect ignition system. That way, the engine can produce maximum power. The machine is also more well-maintained.

Machinery Construction

Although often mistaken for the same by ordinary people, these two machines are very different. From the engine construction alone, the two are very different. Turbocharger engines have a simpler construction. This engine consists of turbo housing, shaft, turbine, and wastegate.

Meanwhile, the supercharged engine has a more complex construction. This machine has several additions, such as drive belts, turbines, pulleys, gears, and shafts. Because it has more components, it is only natural that the supercharger engine weighs more than the turbocharger.

Risk of Machine Damage

The turbocharged engine is capable of rotating up to 150,000 revolutions per minute at high speed. Therefore, this machine must get good lubrication. This is to keep the turbine durable and not easy to wear. When the turbo engine is about to be turned off, the driver must be more careful. By adding a turbo timer, it can help make the turbocharger last longer. Meanwhile, the lubricant must be of good quality. This applies not only to turbochargers but also superchargers.

Whether Or Not There Is A Whooshing Sound

The difference between a turbocharger and the next supercharger is the sound they make when the engine is running. Turbochargers work with turbines. Therefore, when it is running, especially if it is at high speed, there will be a whooshing sound of the engine. This sound can be quite annoying. While the supercharger engine does not make this kind of noise.

Machine Responsiveness Level

As mentioned earlier, the turbocharger’s work depends on the pressure of the engine exhaust gases that are released through the exhaust. In order for the turbine to spin optimally, it takes a while. This makes the car’s gas turbocharged engine a bit slow, especially in the initial pull. However, after that, there will be no problems.

While the supercharged engine has no problems in terms of engine responsiveness. This is because the supercharger itself moves with the engine speed. Of course, the power produced will be maximized and without pause, because there is no need to wait for exhaust gas pressure as in a turbocharged engine.

There are indeed differences between a turbocharger and a supercharger, but both have their own advantages and disadvantages. In fact, until now, there is still a debate between the two.