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Disadvantages of Electric Cars You Should Know

Before making a purchase, it would be nice to know in advance the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars. This is important, so you don’t regret it later. Just like any other car, there are definitely some advantages and disadvantages, although this electric car has a myriad of interesting features. So that you don’t regret it after buying, you should consider in detail the following shortcomings of electric cars

Electric Cars Are Less Environmentally Friendly

Although it does not produce CO2 and CO emissions, electric cars are considered less environmentally friendly. Scottish researchers from the University of Edinburgh produced a surprising study. The results of the study stated that electric cars release more hard particles into our environment than conventional vehicles. In addition, power plants that produce electricity for electric cars are also not environmentally friendly.

Energy Replenishment Tend to Long

Most electric cars take a long time to recharge the battery. For example, the Nissan LEAF can be charged to 80% of capacity in just 40 minutes. Nonetheless, it requires a 480V DC Fast Charge station. That counts to charge the 40kWh version of the battery. For the larger 62 kWh version of the battery, it takes 60 minutes. If using a standard 120V home outlet, electric car owners may have to leave the car charged overnight.

Expensive Battery

Although it has been discussed previously that the maintenance and fuel costs of electric cars tend to be cheap, the price of batteries from electric cars tends to be expensive. This is not surprising because the battery is estimated to last up to a decade. Replacement battery packs for electric motors also tend to be expensive. If considered, it is commensurate with the cost of maintenance on a conventional car engine.

Fast Battery Replaced

Electric car batteries tend not to last long. Almost all-electric cars must be replaced every three to ten years. The time range depends on the type and usage of the battery. Judging from the time span, of course when viewed from the long term the time span is not long.

Not Designed for Multiple Passengers

For those who have large families, electric cars may not be a suitable vehicle of choice. Electric cars are not really designed for families or large groups of people. Electric cars usually only have two seats. Therefore, this car is not intended to be a family car.

Short Ride Range and Speed

Electric cars are limited by distance and speed. Most electric cars have a range of about 50-100 miles and need to be recharged again. For the purposes of long-term travel, electric cars are not recommended. Even so, it is hoped that in the future electric cars can be upgraded so that they can cover long distances.

Not Available in All Countries

Although now there are many types of electric motorbikes, not all types of electric cars are available in all countries. For example, electric cars of the FIAT 500e, Kia Soul EV, and Volkswagen e-Golf. The three types of electric cars are only sold in a handful of countries.

Lack of Charging Station

A pretty serious problem faced by electric car owners is the lack of charging stations. Although a charging station can be installed at home, if an electric car runs out of power in the middle of the road, it will be a bad thing.

Those are the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars. Like other technological innovations, of course, electric cars also have a number of drawbacks. For those who want to have an electric car, of course, these shortcomings must be considered carefully. Are the advantages of an electric car able to cover the disadvantages, so that prospective buyers can be sure to bring an electric car home?