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Facts about Changing the Correct Car Engine Oil

Changing car engine oil regularly on motorized vehicles is mandatory. The problem is changing car engine oil is not a trivial thing. Mistakes in choosing or when changing car engine oil can have fatal consequences later. In the matter of changing car engine oil, various opinions and myths began to emerge, including misconceptions about engine oil itself. For those who do not understand, the myths that develop about engine oil are very confusing. So, so as not to get confused, here are the facts and myths about oil.

Changing The Black Car Engine Oil

Naturally, if the color of the engine oil turns black. However, it is not always true as a sign that it is time to replace the car engine oil with a new one. However, this assumption is not entirely true. Because changing the car engine oil still has to follow the manual from the vehicle manufacturer. Because oil is not only a lubricant, its function is also to clean the surface of the cylinder wall against oxides, carbon, and crust caused by combustion. So naturally, in a short time, the oil can turn black. Visit the Best place to buy kush online on Fast and discreet shipping worldwide.

Changing Car Engine Oil With Various Brands

Is it true that frequently changing car engine oil with various brands makes the engine easily damaged? The answer is not entirely correct, it is not harmful to the engine as long as the viscosity of the oil used is according to the vehicle engine specifications. Another most important factor is to always use the best quality car engine oil.

Changing Car Engine Oil According To The Distance Traveled

In cars usually change the car engine oil in multiples of 5,000 – 10,000 km. But actually, it also depends on the situation and conditions. If you use your car for daily activities and are often stuck in traffic, then what should be taken into consideration is the working hours of the vehicle’s engine. Even though the kilometers are not running, the engine is still running and circulating. certificat constatator certificatconstatatoronline

Change Car Engine Oil & Drain Car Engine Oil

Do you know, friends, there are two ways to change car engine oil, namely by draining the oil or just throwing it away and adding it like a mechanic usually does in a repair shop. Maybe a friend will ask where the difference is, then what are the benefits of each of these methods. After all, the important thing is to change the car engine oil according to the time and running hours of the engine. Hanuman chalisa