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Here are 10 Car Accessories You Must Have

The car for some people can be a second home. Yes, the car can protect its users from heat and rain and is very comfortable. Therefore, cars also need some complementary accessories to make them more comfortable. Well, here we will discuss recommendations for some must-have car accessories, namely:

The First Car Accessory Is A Parking Camera

The first is the parking camera. This one accessory can be purchased especially for those of you who are not so proficient in driving a car. This camera makes it very easy for you to park the car properly. The camera will show conditions behind the car that are often invisible to the driver. With this accessory, parking becomes easier and more convenient.

Android Head Unit

Having a camera on the back is useless if you don’t have a head unit. It is recommended to use an Android head unit because there are many features that make it easy. The Android head unit can display the conditions at the back of the car. Not only that, it can also be used to tune music, for GPS purposes, and much more.

Car Pillow and Mattress

Car pillows and mattresses can also be must-have car accessories. Especially if you are someone who often does activities outside the home. The car can be a comfortable resting place with a mattress and pillows. You can rest comfortably at your leisure.

Air Purifier

A closed car in fact does not prevent dust and various other harmful particles from getting inside. Therefore, an air purifier is one of the accessories that you can buy. This tool will filter the air so that the air you breathe is cleaner. Even though there is AC in the car, in fact, the AC actually worsens the air quality. Harmful particles such as viruses and bacteria continue to float into the air.

Car Trash

To create a car that is always clean, there’s nothing wrong with always providing a trash can. Use closed trash can so that dirt and odors do not spread throughout the cabin of the room. The trash can will also keep the car clean because the trash is not scattered.

Multi-Charger HP

The next accessory is a cellphone multi-charger which is also one of the important things in the car. HP is a primary need nowadays, so without a battery, you can die. Therefore, with the provision of a multi-charger in the car, you can charge it during the trip.

Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Lastly, there is a portable vacuum cleaner. Some elements of the car usually still use a cloth that absorbs dust. Dust is also often attached to the folds that are difficult to reach. This vacuum cleaner can be a solution to absorb the attached dust. Its small form is easy to carry everywhere.

Well, those are some car accessories that you must have in order to create safety and also comfort in driving. You can get these accessories in several places online and offline. How? interested in getting it?