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How to Clean a Car Interior at Home

Cars should be cleaned regularly, including the interior. Unlike the exterior of a car, the interior has more materials that need to be treated differently. Therefore, you need to understand how to properly clean a car interior. Check out some ways to keep the car interior clean below. The various ways below can help you save money by cleaning your own car without having to take it to an automotive salon. If done correctly, then your vehicle will be clean from various kinds of dirt. Check out the tips below

Clean a Car Interior Routinely

For people in big cities who rely on cars as the main mode of transportation, cleanliness has become a fixed price. Because the car is used every day, you have to regularly clean it. Wiping the outside is a must every time before leaving. However, when is the right time for the interior?

Actually, the car interior does not need to be cleaned every day, but still set aside a day to clean it thoroughly. If the car is only used to the same destination every day, the interior can be cleaned twice a month.

It’s a different story if you often eat food and drinks in the car or go for outdoor sports. If the routine is like that, do the cleaning more often. The reason is, you will carry food debris on the car seat or car carpet. In addition, sweat from sports and dust from the field will stick to the seats. Delaying to clean the upholstery will only make you uncomfortable.

 Have Complete Equipment

You can’t just rely on a clean washcloth made of microfiber cloth alone. You will need more cleaning tools for this section. For the body and interior of the car only, you need two different wipes on each surface of the vehicle. It’s a good idea to have a small vacuum cleaner to get to the dirt and suck up the dust under the seats. In addition, you also need a small brush to reach the dirt, dust, and traces of food hiding in between the seats, dashboard, and car air conditioner parts. Also prepare a special interior cleaning fluid to get rid of stains, dust, and dirt that sticks to the vehicle.

Clean Rubber Carpets with Water

The rubber carpet can be cleaned and brushed with water. Choosing a rubber carpet is the choice of many car owners. Lucky if your car is also covered by a rubber carpet. This part will indeed be the first to get dirty, even after you finish cleaning it. Therefore, AutoFamily also has to clean this section with extra effort.

If you want to clean the car carpet, always take it out of the car and rinse with clean water. Use soap if necessary. For dry dirt, you need a brush to remove the dirt. Don’t forget to make sure the carpet is dry before putting it back in the car.

Always Keep A Trash Can In Your Car

The last way to clean the car interior is to always provide a trash can in the car. It’s useless if you clean it regularly, but don’t put a trash can. If you don’t have one, it is guaranteed that you will throw trash anywhere in the car, it could be on the door handle or even thrown on the car floor. If you have this, you will have to clean the car more often later.

It’s best if your car has a trash can in the car to keep it clean. If your car consists of three rows, you should also insert a trash can in the very back row. This is because the trash left in the back row is often forgotten.