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How To Clean The Oil Crust Of A Car Engine

The car engine is counted as a way to check from the side of cleanliness. Though it is important to know if there is a side of oil crust there. Yes, the oil that AutoFamily uses can actually leave a stubborn residue that shouldn’t be left on for too long. Therefore, AutoFamily needs to know how to clean the oil crust on a car engine. read the info

Follow How To Clean The Oil Crust Below

The fuel components in the car will be difficult to function properly if AutoFamily does not pay attention to the cleanliness and maintenance of the car engine properly. What if the oil crust in the car engine is left alone? Not only will it dirty the engine, it can also damage it. The function of the machine was reduced. Of course, AutoFamily doesn’t want engine performance to decrease. Now check out the full overview below.

Prepare All Equipment

The first step in how to clean a car engine from oil crust is to prepare all the equipment. There are several equipments that you must prepare because it really helps the cleaning process. Starting from sponges, toothbrushes, to microfiber cloths. These three tools are especially useful for cleaning oil crusts on small, hard-to-reach parts. But do not forget to ensure the cleanliness of all tools. If it’s already dirty, instead of cleaning the oil crust, your vehicle’s engine gets even more dirt. So if the tools are too dirty, you can buy new ones.

Get Special Cleaner

It doesn’t just require a sponge, a toothbrush, and a microfiber cloth. You will also need a special cleaner. What is the name? The cleaner is an engine conditioner. The purpose of the cleaner is to produce foam when it is sprayed into the combustion chamber. With the foam produced by the engine conditioner, the oil descaling process becomes even easier.

Use Engine Flush

Not only does it need an engine conditioner, but you should also use an engine flush. What exactly is an engine flush? This cleaner has a detergent-like shape. Its function is to clean dirt and remove scale in the oil path. So the engine flush is used specifically to clean the oil lines in your car. Therefore, how to use it is to insert it into the engine before changing the oil or there is still an old one. Then you can start the engine for about 15 minutes by stepping on the gas in a stationary position at 2,000 RPM. Then drain the oil while the engine is hot.

Use Engine Degreaser

If you have used an engine flush, you also need to use another fluid. Its name is an engine degreaser. Its purpose is to completely clean the engine room. How to use it by spraying it on the machine, then brush with soapy water until clean. Then rinse again with running water and dry using a microfiber cloth. Easy, right?

Always Perform Periodic Maintenance

Oil crust is very annoying because it not only makes the engine dirty but can also reduce the car’s performance. Problematic car oil also has the potential to endanger your safety. We recommend that AutoFamily don’t forget to always take your car to a trusted repair shop so you can get regular maintenance.