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How to Install Car Window Film Properly and Correctly

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Window film on the car serves to protect the driver and passengers from direct sunlight, protect them from ultraviolet rays and prevent damage to the driver’s eyes when driving. With this very vital function, car window film has become an irreplaceable part of the car, and the majority of car users definitely want to have a functioning car window film. For how to install car window film, it cannot be done carelessly, because if it is carelessly installed, then the car window film will not function properly and correctly. You can use car window film installation services provided by dealers and some car repair shops, but these services will of course have a fairly expensive cost as well. Do you want to know how to install car window film yourself?

It’s not easy to install car window film yourself, because you can’t just install it. But there are steps you can take to be able to install car window film properly, and also correctly so that you can install quality window film on your car. Follow the steps below for a tutorial on how to install a good and correct car window film.

Tutorial How to Install Car Window Film Good & Correct

Before attaching car window film to your car, you also need to choose the quality of the window film that you will install. Make sure you buy a quality car window film, and not a fake and easily torn window film. Well, already curious about the tutorial for how to install car window film? Immediately, here are the steps for installing car window film:

  1. Clean the window film to be installed – First, you need to clean the car window film to be installed. Make sure the window film is free from dust and dirt to avoid dirt that will stick permanently if it has already been installed. Do not just clean once, but clean at least up to 2 to 3 times cleaning.
  2. Also, clean the car window screens – In addition to cleaning the car window film, the windows to be installed also certainly need to be cleaned. Clean it until there is no more dust and dirt stuck to the window, you can use a special car window film cleaner to get a perfect clean.
  3. Measure the car window film used, then cut it to size – Measure the car window film you will need. Measure as needed, and make sure there is no missing length or width. It’s okay to oversize because it can still be repaired and can be re-fitted. If you can, measure it to the perfect size for your car.
  4. Spray a special liquid during installation – Usually, when you buy a windshield, you will be given 2 types of liquid, a cleaning fluid, and a special liquid for adhesive and car glass installation. After carefully cleaning and measuring, you will need to spray some adhesive liquid to attach your window film.
  5. Install car window film with care – Take care to attach your window film. Avoid vents that can appear when installing your window film. The vent can be prevented by spraying the glass film adhesive evenly.
  6. Clean the car window film that is installed – Clean the part of the car window film that still has air holes, and there are still bubbles. Until the window film is installed perfectly, smooth the window film, and make sure you have shifted all the vents on the window film, to get rid of it.

Isn’t it very easy to install car window film yourself? As long as you can be careful in installing window film, you can do it yourself without the need for help from a repair shop. But if you are in doubt, you can just ask for the installation of window film at the workshop where you bought the window film. Usually, there will also be a window film installation service.

But it’s not finished yet, because there are things you should pay attention to when buying, as well as installing window film for your car. What are the important things to consider when we buy or install car window film?. In order for the car glass to function optimally, pay attention to the following. First, make sure the glass is clean when installed, with a room temperature that is not hot, not cold either. Ask for Help The process of installing window film is error-prone, so you may need a little help from friends and family.

Use a quality cleaning fluid, and avoid using acids such as vinegar and ammonia solution. We recommend that the installation process is not in an open room because the main enemy in the process of installing car window film is dust, so if you are in an open room there will be a range of dust that enters and sticks to the glass.