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How To Take Care Of Car Seats In A Simple Way

The seat is one part of the car that is certainly very often touched. With comfortable car seats, the trip will be more comfortable and satisfying. But because it is used very often, the seat has the potential to be damaged. This is because of the continuous contact and friction that often occurs when the car passenger moves on the seat. So it should be remembered for you that the condition of the seats in particular, and the cabin in general, need regular attention. This is also useful for the health of vehicle users. The upholstery itself is relatively easy to maintain, some of the ways are:

Clean Car Seats Properly

Upholstery must be cleaned properly, for example on leather upholstery, the use of alcohol can damage the protective layer. If damaged, the upholstery can crack and dry out, making it uncomfortable to sit on. For velvet upholstery, it can be cleaned with the right soap and immediately wiped so it doesn’t get damp.

Don’t Dry

Upholstery, especially leather seats, should not be exposed to the sun too often. On leather seats, sunlight can damage the protective layer and make the upholstery dry. This can cause cracking and tearing.

 Be Careful With Liquids

Always be careful with liquids, whether from drinks or other liquids. Because the seat foam is very absorbent. If left unchecked, the liquid can form mold in the upholstery foam and cause an unpleasant odor. In addition, these mushrooms are also not good for health.

Give a Protective Layer

If the car is old enough, then the seats can be given an additional protective layer of leather. This itself is often found in professional car washes.

Perform Routine Maintenance

To care for car seats to make them more durable, namely, perform regular maintenance. Clean dust or food debris stuck to the upholstery. To do this, you will need a Kanebo or a pre-moistened cloth. This method is done on a seat that uses a leather sheath.