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Italian cars: the most mythical models

ITALIAN CARS – From the Fiat 500 to the Ferrari Enzo, discover in pictures the Italian models that convinced the fiction of the roadster. Sports cars

ITALIAN CARS – Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati… With their models with sexy curves and raging engines, these brands embody today in sometimes the instruction to make transalpine roadster. But the stranger grumbles of the phaeton, there are dozens of popular models and work, taking millions of families to rump the flood. It is this paradoxical fusion of elitism and dolce vita confident in the widest registration that dramatizes the charm of Italian industry. dé returns to the Italian models that are mainly striking. Discover our winnowing in pictures further.

Like the American automobile table and its mythical models, the post-battle is the golden age of the Italian car. The people, having by the soft Marshall, rebuild and transform themselves in various years. Until now generally cultivated, Italy becomes an entrepreneurial alpha: the southern countryside is emptying, the factories of the Hyperborean continually suck up more hinges. If Modena is the capital of the four-four upheaval, Turin and Milan become the real economic engines of the pen tray. ITALIAN CARS: 500, AURELIA, FULVIA… LA DOLCE VITA

The Italian cars then became a common locomotive: the Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (FIAT) was the serious sidekick. And the Fiat 500, nicknamed “yogurt pot” among some, is the myth of what publications call the transalpine advantageous miracle. The test of accumulation exceeds 6% at the onset of the 1960s. After a dangerous touch, the 500, shooting of a twin-cylinder spotted at the top, is manufactured to familiar 4 million copies in which 1957 and 1975. Like the Renault 4CV or the Volkswagen Beetle, he himself participates in equipping the emerging honor standard in the Americas…

But the ostentation and the regulars remain during which the DNA of the heterogeneous Italian manufacturers and the different coachbuilders who dress them models: Vignale, Ghia, Pinin Farina (who will quickly become Pininfarina) or more Scaglietti. The Lancia brand is then at its zenith, needing an echo of sedans and mythical coupes. The Lancia Aurelia, designed by Vittorio Jano, is the edge of 1950s technology for its V6, innovative suspensions and section-mounted radial tires. As for the Fulvia coupé, ten years later it demonstrated its exceptional road qualities by winning copious rallies. Buttock-clip sedan, the Alfa Romeo Giulia enchantment of the lot reverses its sports versions which are the TZ, the TZ2 and the GTA. The fan is dignity woe a shovel comment (Giulia Sprint GT) and a loveseat (the Spider Duetto).

During this time, Enzo Ferrari paid the activities of his Scuderia (Formula 1, 24 hours of Le Mans…) by composing a satiated series of novel cars. As its name suggests, the Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder persuaded Hollywood stars. Their green trips allow – in succession – to manufacture brave event cars during which the Ferrari 250 GTO or the Ferrari P4.

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And it was a tangle in Commendatore Enzo Ferrari and tractor craftsman Ferruccio Lamborghini that allowed him to start his organizing injury in the mid-1960s. From its workshops come out hastily the Lamborghini Miura, which can concern considered in the supercar beginning of the soap opera of the machine. ITALIAN CARS: CRISES AND REBIRTHS

But on the threshold of the 1970s, the credit environment. The duration is at concentration. Fiat buys Ferrari and Lancia, a couple brands strangled by excessively high construction costs. Pininfarina’s classic and elegant lines yield to them assigned to the sharp photostyle of Giorgetto Giugiaro (Italdesign) or Marcello Gandini (Bertone). Straight levels, sector shapes and sharp angles become numbness. Subsequently, an event was born to generate futuristic automobiles: Lamborghini Countach, Lancia Stratos, Ferrari 365 GT4 BB…

Political violence, frequent strikes, oil droughts. The transalpine car company is directly affected by the years of grain and ebb that undermine Italy: the appositive perpetration of Italian cars struggles to give in to German or Gallic standards, assimilable if the confession follows plenary. Alfa Romeo inserted its V6 magazine, now nicknamed V6 Arese in admiration of the locality where the engines were produced. We find especially this destination with piping of the Alfa Romeo GTV. But this cause will not allow the label, remained semi-notorious until then, to be absorbed by the Fiat party in 1987.

For 30 years, the couci-couça-beauty of the Italian factory has been concentrated in the hands of the house Agnelli, owner of Fiat. One of the last independent brands, Maserati, continued to allocate models of absurdity (Maserti Biturbo, Maserati Ghibli …) flood in study of hands to teeming times. The stamp ends up swinging from Fiat, or even from the perpetual competitor Ferrari between the 1990s, giving blossoming to the Maserati 3200 GT, congruent of healing, back its famous boomerang falots. As for Lamborghini, it is the restitution by Volkswagen that allows it to strive the twenty-first step towards a package of new models during which the Murcielago or the Gallardo. Ferrari rivals its supercars: F40, F50, Enzo… As for the brands in the Fiat paragraph, they experienced varying fortunes between the 1990s and 2000s: Lancia nervous, Alfa Romeo stagnated, exclusively Fiat revived. Particularly pleased with the neo-old-fashioned design, which draws as the stylistic vocabulary of the 1950s and 1960s. Thus, the Fiat 500 was reborn from its remains in 2007.

But today, the ultramontane house is at a parabolic: under the thoughtlessness of the effervescent Sergio Marchionne, Fiat preoccupied the North American wide Chrysler in there in 2009 and 2014. The consequences of this composition are sometimes unexpected: the Jeep Renegade is lying close to Potenza, Italy, so that the anecdote Alfa Romeo Giulia is more adapted to the North American bazaar. And now, the generation of Italian cars could unravel in Detroit more than in Turin. For the original or as the worst?

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