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Learn About Immobilizer

The immobilizer is an anti-theft system on your car keys that uses radio waves to identify the keys to your car. So, if someone tries to use the same car key, your car remains safe and avoids criminal matters. This security system is considered to be the highest security system to avoid car theft because it already uses a computerized system. So there are two transponders, namely the chip on the car key and the car keyhole. This is useful for carrying signals and connecting codes with the ECU.

The immobilizer is a feature that is still very helpful in maintaining the safety of the car. This makes Carsome Buddies more confident when leaving the car for a long period of time. Of course, with Immobilizer your car is protected safely. So, you don’t have to hesitate anymore. The function of the car becomes more effective if you turn on the smart key, with this feature you can use the car automatically when the car key is not far from the car. Almost all cars currently use the smart key feature.

Along with the times, almost all car keys are equipped with keyless and immobilizer features. This makes it even easier and more practical for you. However, when the key is broken or the component is damaged, this will certainly be very inconvenient. Listen, these are the disadvantages of the Immobilizer:

Keyless Users

Keyless users must be careful and periodically pay attention to the immobilizer indicator light if it is on. This indicates that you should replace the battery in the keyless car key. If you don’t have a spare key with you, this will prevent you from closing the car until you start the car. Why? Because when there is no keyless battery, it will be more difficult to send signals through the transmitter and transponder to be read by the ECU.

Complicated Repair

If it turns out that there is no problem with the battery, it means that there is another problem with the components in the car immobilizer. If it’s a serious problem like this, it certainly involves programming the ECU. So like it or not, the service and justification of the key must be dismantled as a whole and conduct a code re-research.

Of course, you can’t do this yourself, it must be done at an official car service center or car service that can handle immobilizer problems. The costs incurred usually start from Rp. 2 million to Rp. 15 million. This depends on the extent of the key damage or key loss.

Car Modifications Disrupt the System

Carsome friends must be careful when making modifications to the car, this can disrupt the electricity in your car. When this happens, it will change the entire system on the car. So, often you are mistaken that the car battery has a problem and causes a breakdown. On the other hand, your car’s immobilizer is disrupted due to code and system changes that can interfere with the electrical system and components in it.

Wave Disturbance

Wave interference can occur naturally because you are in a location that interferes with wave transmission. Usually, these are places like you park near a transmitter, cell phone provider’s Base Transceiver Station. If you are using a keyless remote, this situation will make it difficult for you to start the car. The solution is to keep stepping on the brake pedal and pressing the engine start button until it turns on.

Expired Code

The chip attached to the car remote usually has a limit, where after 5 years of use the code must be replaced. This you must do if it is felt that your car remote is difficult to respond to your actions.