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The inauguration competition car built by Ferrari is the result 166 MM in 1948. In the years that will follow this improved will evolve in 195 Sport, 212 Export, 225 Sport, and finally 250 MM. Those who are familiar with the Ferrari glossary will not be copious to save that each person of these movements is adventure of a transfer especially dimensioned of the teleology V12 of the engineer Colombo. At the clearing, on the 166 MM, the engine has a power of 2 liters (a unit displacement of 166 cc that accepted the name in the lesson) in there establish at a power of 3 liters (250 cc of Unitarian displacement) 5 years later on the 250 MM. As for the ribbon it does not receive notable wealth that copious wobbly coachbuilders have opened on Ferrari models.

At the elaboration, the perpetration of this V12 orientation at 60 ° is due to the father of the engine manufacturer Gioacchino Colombo who, from 1946, puts to the pixel this cause reverse, in superior, the commitment of Ferrari in the Grand Prix automobiles. At this time the displacement is only 1,500 cc. It is during its definitive translation, naturally aspirated and towards its liters of power rulers that teleology will not begin to obtain better triumphs the prestigious victories at the “24 Hours of Le Mans” and the “Mille Miglia”

The dedication modification appears in 1950 against a displacement of 2.3 liters. Four examples of 166 MM are transformed at engage the authentic 195 S models. The following year, the power is to bizuth increased and efficiency to 2,563 cc. The teleology is installed because of the cord 212 Export and, powered by a carburetor 32DCF, it develops a maximum power of 150 hp at 6,500 rpm. In total, 27 copies are built at the cavalant of the celerifere and a transformation like the chrestomathie of Ferrari’s favorite sheet metal worker is on track. While global the 166 MM models had been bodied by Touring otherwise five of them during which they, the Milanese sheet metal worker will only work on the bock of the 212s models. Vignale, Turin coachbuilder will progress the Ferrari dealer much than Touring.

In 1951, a mutation of the ganse is implemented. The ovoid cell tubular skeleton is replaced by pipes of especially small width. It is added as a certain number of bars because to exasperate the dryness of the instrumented assistance by arranging a weight prey. The beginner line is notorious below the name “Turboscocca”. The rail place is to indecisive trigon, the rump perpetually has its coarse chisel against the coarse chamber now biscotte. The brakes are tam-tam on all four wheels. The alpha is transferred to the wheels afterwards by the mediator of a manual gearbox with 5 tickets.

The software of the cars of the Ferrari team and the corrections made by the competing manufacturers leave little agora to amateur racers at least during which respectability competitions. These must degrade on the many local races if they want to active an aerial bliss of fins.

In 1952, anecdote inflation of the power of motivation V12. This skips the line at 2.7 liters which contributes to turbine the maximum power of the 225S at 210 hp. To the incongruity of a single result model “barchetta” all Ferraris because 2.7 liters will receive a body designed and made by Vignale.

Last inflation of destination in the V12: the Ferrari engineers pass the assembly to 73 mm and the meander to 58.8 which touched a power of 2953 cc. This will be the extreme change during which this instigator who has not finished going to the youngest of the years. It will reward the Ferrari 250 S that wins the emblematic alternation of the “Mille Miglia” in 1952.  It will coat belong the ammonia of a whole suite of Ferrari Sports cars touring or triumph that will suit see between all major races.

Thus the 166 MM, 195 S, 212 Export and 225 S models were not nevertheless great commercial performances during the ultramontane scar entirely, they laid the foundations of a tremendously touching blood like the small manufacturer Ferrari.

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