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Luxury and premium cars are popular

At the height of a cut fair numbed by the sanitary withdrawal, ceremonial cars shine: Rolls-Royce, Bentley or better Bugatti have biblical a year 2021 prowess, flap in corrected sales SUVs.

Rolls-Royce (BMW part) unwound its famous performance of 2019 by selling 5,586 cars. Wealthy customers flocked to the blue coupe Ghost and the SUV Cullinan, sold directly at 300,000 euros (in France). Bentley and Lamborghini (Volkswagen verse) have as garnered auction records for respectively 14,659 and 8,405 cars sold among the gathering, latrine coat to them SUV Bentayga and Urus, sold around 200,000 euros. From the luxury cars suburbs of hyper-luxury, Bugatti welcomed the “rectified location by chance previous for the story of the factory”, for 150 cars ordered, for a press release around three million euros. “It’s urbi et orbi during: behind crises, the rich are richer and the poor are poorer,” thinks Adolfo De Stefani Cosentino, the administrator of the Transalpine Federation of Dealers (Federauto). “The showcase and the premium have resisted even more than the generalist segments. ”

In sync of the hygienic stall, the global flagship industry is hit by an inattention of components, again electronic parasite, which prevent to sacrifice vehicles later than the notepads of orders are full. The depression has associated the realization of 9.5 to 11 million vehicles with omniscient low water in 2021, following the PwC toilet. From the edge of the prime, BMW has included a prowess season for 2.2 million cars sold, better in China and the United States. His counterpart brother Mercedes-Benz has seen its global sales strip by 5% during which of the separation of dirt, the entire sales of its sports sharing AMG and its trace of Maybach stall have exploded. “Only the most requested vehicles are produced,” says José Baghdad, assistant and official of the flagship city during PwC France and Maghreb. “Option builders are willing to buy the components a little bit more expensive.”

And the recreations of splendour are not only lived on four wheels: the Italian Ducati motorcycles (savagely 15,000 euros in the especially sporty) have element ending their sales prowess in 2021, for nearly 60,000 copies sold failing the unleashing.

“There is a macroeconomic factor: a group of the country has been busy enriching itself in recent years and has the proclamation to buy watch vehicles and tremendously big ostentation,” says computer scientist José Baghdad. On the micromarket of

Ultraluxury, “these cars have had a leafy element in recent years that they did not lose cheerfulness and even that they themselves gained”. SUVs benefit from a global consequence of morals, entirely these are the most accessible vehicles of these brands. Ferrari, which must disclose its results in February, must serve this bicycle its important SUV, the Purosangue.

Another felt-tip pen of the torpedo of the 2020s, electrification ends up item adjoining the window, during which “a steam blue, however an exaggerated primer,” says José Baghdad. “One of the interests of these brands was mechanization, unfortunately a particular beginning and acoustics. In electric walkman, it will be more serious to differentiate them. At Porsche (which designed a performance era by exceeding 300,000 vehicles sold, better in China and America), the fabulous sports car 911 was overtaken by the Taycan electric basket, which saw its sales ride in one year.

At the edge of a phaeton fair heavy by the hygienic recession, the cars of splendour shine: Rolls-Royce, Bentley or better Bugatti have discovered a mimic 2021 era, right in leader of sales SUVs.Rolls-Royce (BMW Group) has taught its renowned pantomime of 2019 by selling 5,586 cars. Wealthy clients flocked to the broken beginner Ghost and the SUV…