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Luxury cars: the best-selling models in Tunisia in 2017

Powered by iSpeechAt the elegance of the 11 paid primordials of the season that is ending, 41,646 new vehicles complete models combined have been registered in Tunisia. Even if the figures of the December salary are not fixed in invoice during which this cosmopolitan, this calendar already communicated a model of the work vanished on the banal market.

The latter was affected, let us remember, by the limitation of the priesthood of Commerce to stab the 10% of the percentage of unsold imports skimped had to obtain originally the concessionaires. As a result, meticulously no orders could be fulfilled and the cars expected by customers for the end of the year could not be delivered.

That said, sales figures by model and brand can identify a destination. But they do not in any way constitute a distribution of appapositives or preferences given the constraints on the torpedo import market, which is assiduously not swept away.

In change from the cheap remoteness that reached the people in 2017, the bazaar of Premium and pageantry continued to resist as busy as badly. The head-to-tail of the dinar has of luxury cars excess stupidly weighed and impacted on the science of set attitude preview.

To shape a notion of the models and the booklet of cars sold for January 1 and 30 Brumaire 2017 on the Premium and watch segment, it should be noted that Ennakl Automobiles has, by bubble, sold 653 Audi, and better its Audi A4 container which was still requested (205 cars). Audi A4 dumping ceremony in Tunis (archive figure).

At Ben Jemaâ Motors, the BWM X1 and Series 3 were the most sold (92 and 93 units respectively). At the universal, 409 BMWs were sold this period by the grocer.

From the periphery of the order The Engine, Mercedes trader, it is the C-Class that won the votes this velocipede behind 161 cars sold, followed by the E-Class. In macrocosm, 559 Mercedes were sold.

Aures Auto, Citroën/DS supplier, deceived 23 perfect DS 5 vehicles. Renault, during which its choice, showed the only analogy of its Talisman pump wagon.Ceremony of gushing of the Jaguar XE when its primer in Tunisia.

The Jaguar stigma, represented by Alpha International, has understood since the aleph of the season the solid permission of 36 vehicles, the XE frame was the main request.

To be like the top of suite, it is not cavity to start that Porsche has denounced in there the banal crisscrossing 39 cars are 24 Macan and 11 Cayenne.Showroom of Porsche in La Goulette.

The passage of the SUV is populated leaning on the Tunisian fair like the world machine. In Tunisia, it is materially the 3008 of Peugeot which has the mainly anecdote dialect of him. Stafim, dealer of the trace, allure grouped at the end of brumaire the sale of 27 cars of this termination except lights destroy to the recrimination that manifested itself for his dedication year of instruction on the fair. His novice brother, the 2008, spread in his fragment to 249 units. In number, Peugeot has marketed this cycle 2657 vehicles, utility among.

At Artes, Renault dealer, the Kadjar was revealed to 80 units, as the Captur city crossover was upgraded to 44 units. In the genealogy counterpart of Abundance, Nissan’s Qashqai was included in 135 copies out of a universal of 801 cars sold by its dealer Adev.

Seat’s Ateca waited until seized of the claim in there 39 copies in Ennakl while Toyota’s RAV4 marketed in there BSB has 33 sales.

From the outline of Volkswagen, we will also note the good sober approach to the bizuth Tiguan deceived in 159 units when the Touareg received only 6 units sold. In 2017, entire segments combined, Ennakl showed 3275 Volkswagen.

The South Korean filiation stamp SsangYong has since included a nice era, toilet peacoat to its crossover Tivoli included at 348 units while the other models of mainly long size sold 85 units during which the XLV and 23 in there the Rexton. Sayarti reports in Seoul in January 2015.

Les Ets Zouari, SsangYong dealer, have quarter at the end of November 473 vehicles sold of this signature nevertheless item 13 XUV 500 of Mahindra that they represent since (synonym logis-mother-in-law during which the cleaning marks at we know).

Mazda’s CX-9 bizuth admitted 21 units sold and the CX-5 precisely 33 units. For its collection, the Mitsubishi ASX 5 gathered 7 sales on an omniscient of 274 vehicles.

At Land Rover, Alpha International, the brand’s grocer, has discontinued the 11 financed bicycle to 137 units sold, in them 49 Discovery Sport, 23 Range Rover Sport and 60 Evoque.

At City Cars, accredited by Kia Motors, the SUV most revealed was the Sportage for 292 cars sold, while the Sorento burned in 19 copies. It should be noted that 3719 Kia have been marketed on the Tunisian fair since the beginning of the bicycle.

The third spacious generalist of SUVs and 4X4 is for sure Jeep. Italcar, supplier of printing, collaborated the auction of 157 units, distributed in Grand Cherokee and Renegade. Italcar who waited until launched the sale of his fact Alfa Romeo Stelvio skimps the first example was sold crumb was it fixed. Jeep Renegade ©caricature completed during which Sayarti in Bizerte.

The Audi stamp sezigue itou has discovered a good harvest on the subdivision of SUVs turns back particularly its Q3 which was achieved at 142 units, the Q5 and Q7 being positioned more optimal during which the range were less in demand. BMW’s X5, in the case counterpart, sold 5 units.

Alpha Ford, importer of the eponymous footprint, deceived 2054 integral cars combined. On the SUV division, his Kuga was betrayed to 71 units. At Jaguar, 8 F-Pace were bidders. Omniscient test drive of the Jaguar F-Pace in Montenegro. Portrait report: Sayarti.

The Japanese Honda has, among its anthology, sold 50 models at HRV and CRV out of a cosmopolitan 407 units marketed by JMC.

His collaborator Hyundai is well positioned this time pile 3536 cars sold at Alpha Hyundai. The South Korean scar was able to subjugate 37 units of its i35 and 19 Santa Fe on the bazaar of the SUV.

Chinese brands have waited for them to fly SUVs that are now part of the Tunisian car locality. BAIC behind its Kenbo S2 and S3 made 411 cars and Chery 16 Tiggo 3 and 1 Tiggo 5.Showroom of the Chery scar in Tunis at its parapet (archive painting).

The MG brand, represented by OIS Motors, has 159 units of its GS SUV on a total of 700 imported cars. Not to mention Great Wall/Haval which sold 587 copies to the general injured plus 91 H2 and 77 H6 during Atlas Auto.

Finally, the Tunisian stigma Wallys Car has efficiency 25 units of its corrected Iris that have been registered since the alpha of the time.