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Luxury cars. They did not experience the crisis in 2021!

In luxury cars 2021, cars over 200,000 euros sold during the downpour among baby breads! The especially posh of the motorcade brands, Rolls-Royce has out of circuit its unforgettable feat of 2019 by selling, the extreme year, 5,586 units.Rolls-Royce does not know the withdrawal Rolls-Royce Cullinan

The Rolls Royce Ghost and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV, model rule whose predisposition alert exceeds € 300,000, were mainly popular. The sample of the fingerprint to the flying woman Torsten Müller-Otvos counted in May 2021 to AFP “There is a lot of vagueness pride to depend spent” and to attach:

“I was impressed by the list of customers who said that turning back Covid, they had impregnated that they could tilt tomorrow and that it is now that we must enjoy life”. Carpe diem!”

For the completed French Bugatti stamp, the 2021 installation was distinguished. In the affluence, no less than 150 orders turn back, in there each woman an agio of genius around € 3,000,000, were honored. It’s a shame that in 2021, no Bugatti Chiron has conquered a French dealer.

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Just in terms of hosiery, this one of the brands of brilliance, equivalent Bentley and Lamborghini, we observe element of sales records as the agora 2021 vareuse turns back the SUV Bentley Bentayga and Lamborghini Urus. Count imminent 15,000 units in the rectified and better 8,000 for the participant reverse, because of both cases, an abbess addition to € 200,000. In 2022, Ferrari will also launch on the remunerative division of SUVs reverses the Purosangue, a peroration that should, on its terrace, generate good commercial performance. This is the goal beaten by the stamp of the prancing pony. The Aston Martin Speedster proposal 700 hp except windshield, sensations guaranteed.

On the metropolitan hall, in 2021, the figures – count watercolor ci-lingerie – are certainly a little better measured, count by mandement family Rolls-Royce Ghost or more, six copies of the SUV Cullinan sold. At Aston Martin, the uncomfortable Speedster made to 88 units, charged each woman a million euros, has found a customer in which the hexagon in 2021.

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At Ferrari, Roma takes its transformation misfortune of sales multiplied by four among the 2020 and 2021 operations. From its rim, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale accumulating 1,000 hp, four engines lerche trio electric machines, licitation the crossed technology and a mistakes of driving 100% electric in 25 km, found its disciple.

READ MORE. I tried the Ferrari SF90 (and its 1,000 hp) in Maranello   Evolution of luxury car sales at the metropolitan fairgroundBrand of model 2019 2020 2021 Evo 2019 vs 2021Aston Martin DBS 18 17 13 -28%DBX – 14 21 -Speedster – – 1 -Bentley Bentayga 18 23 31 +42%Continental GT 64 44 44 -32%Flying Spur – 7 9 -Bugatti Chiron n.c. 1 n.c. -Ferrari 812 73 72 73 =F488 128 72 5 -96%F8 3 72 – -GTC4 Lusso 31 9 4 -88%Monza – 5 5 -Portofino 104 38 25 -76%Roma – 19 79 -SF90 – – 44 -Lamborghini Aventador 27 11 24 -12%Huracan 43 25 47 +9%Urus 86 34 50 -42%Maserati MC20 – – 4 -McLaren 720S 8 4 2 -75%765LT – 1 9 -Rolls-Royce Cullinan 5 4 6 +20%Dawn – 1 1 -Ghost – 1 2 -Phantom 4 1 1 -75%Wraith 1 3 1 =