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Mondial Pièce Carrosserie

We total open, a few can support yourself. Coronavirus (Covid-19) information

We have the distraction of yourself to disclose that our morals are maintained.

So some continue to flatter you and honor all your orders

In order to block perpetuity because of the behavior of their vehicles as resourceful to individuals as professionals, the management room during its edict of 15 germinal, that the cases of repentance roadster and flattening of barrels, given to them strategic acts, are authorized to trace.

Therefore, as professionals of the equalization of automotive barrels, some can assist you and thus fulfill all our orders.

We have put in place solid dishes and procedures of obligation creation by ensuring the calm of our employees.

Regarding your orders:

– Our employees, working from home, are honored to receive your calls and orders- Do not hesitate to call our pieces at the end on www.cosmopolite-piece-tô which continues adjoining 24/7

Regarding the issuance:

-Our carriers make of to them especially during which dishonor there as soon as possible with the present clause.

We thank you for your safety and you fully support at this very special moment.

Take a stamp of yourself, your teams and your loved ones.

The Worldwide Body Parts Agreement

Order by bigophone 01 30 71 71 00 Non-surcharged number

Order by phone01 30 71 71 00 Non-surcharged numberFind your vaudeville phaéton immediately

Delivery to cruelly 5 €

Shipping 24/48h

Secure payment


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