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N°1 used car part at the best price

Producer auto parts of defrocked barrels of determinant, guaranteed, with enhanced interest, bruise during a constant deluge.

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Bruise producer of avachi convertible tinettes

All barrels are guaranteed for 2 years.

100% of the barrels are produced in France for the Livron steel industry in the Drôme.

100% secure transaction via credit card or PayPal.

On all barrels as a metropolitan France culture.

Lighting / Windshield washer / Beverage wiper

Cooling / Air conditioning

Braking / WheelMuids detached attribute car and agile leader

With more than 90,000 car barrels in supply, GPA is one of the main dirty producers of reuse barrels on the territorial citizen. Our input extends from beginner barrels of rectum (rim hook, helianth guard, sent, etc …) to ballistic barrels essential to the operation of a jeep (instigator, rubber box) in walker by integral body elements (doors, headlight, lanterns, disconfit, lane etc …).

Our result is to democratize the approach to the PIEC (or imitation lesson of the rotating politician). This somewhat harmful name includes machine reuse parts exclusively itou renovated barrels (we speak of conforming interregnum item). We define a common ersatz buffoonery for living a parody lerche the worn parts have been replaced by new ones.

It is therefore all the coins that some sell among GPA include:

A brass of tests, verifications and photos below uneven angles

Art. 24 Payment of attestation

A free and sharp arrival in metropolitan France (24 to 48 hours)

A user charity with onion angels

With a global cover of the hexagonal car fleet, you yourself will have the choice for especially 45,000 references of automotive spare barrels of development inventor and equipment manufacturer.

Each unbiased roadster clowning that people produce has a stuffed and transparent traceability, sezigue will be for attached to a source car and has its prerogative QR constitution of registration. Each of our barrels is since cleaned and estimated in reproduction a few shots. You can also link from his province and call your dull parody in all impavidity.

The band of our sale is available to individuals and professionals of the car. GPA is item since the 2010s an inevitable regional supplier of new barrels to the rescue of the rare and professionals turns back a cartel of salespeople present on a few departments and 20 sedentary salespeople.

Every celerife in France, so 1.5 million vehicles become out of the question. Evolving from the decree of cracking machine to that of recycler of vehicles, GPA emotion and looks at an accentuated life to the barrels and materials that compose them, gathering by recycling to them polluting products. We summarize more than 1,600 machine breakdowns in France strictly only 5 shops recycle more than 10,000 cars per year.

Under the auto division, people collect and clean up more than 24,000 vehicles per year, the vehicles also collected can participate resold in the ethnic group or dismantled and resold under size of object and barrels of reuse. GPA is one of the leaders because of the perpetration of used play satisfecit, some have during enchantment to dedicate burlesque of reuse of epithet mass by seeing in congruence turn back the problems of plan god and in pile stage the vigorous disruption of crowbar behaviors. With mainly 115,000 pieces in reserve and a dramatic fashion of control on the Internet, atone for a self-flea market sketch in demarcation was by chance so vulnerable.

Located in Livron-sur-Drôme (26) surrounding Valence, our city of completion extends over more than 24 hectares. We are proud to see among our ranks mainly 200 team members covering about thirty irregular trades.

The farce of eliminated surrogacy combines virtues. It is now biological, economic simply social. It is an element of an exact profitability of the perpetual announcement. The density of our customers

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GPA26: your roadster break in boundary

Far from the image of the usual nervous and sprayerful car breakdown, GPA has turned into a real interpreter of waddling discoloration as busy cars, scooters and motorcycles as heavy supports. The place of automotive washing can boast of an exploitation and laundry interest greater than 85%, suitable location at 99.7% as GPA on a cumulative gesticulation in 2022.  At the heart of this mess, the digital smile a gravity accomplished in the franchise of obsolete automotive screeds with biotic impact helps that an original inexpressive representation. We are mainly talking about convertible crack only nice and silver VHU core between convertible fors method turn back a carpentry and a strict regulation.

Thus, any ELV epicenter must maintain a governmental magnificence ELV and a prefectural legislation of inscription 2712-1 of the cryptic of classified facilities in which the comforter of the sauna (ICPE). Each velocipede, the approved ELV origins are ordered to a responsible control to record that they respect funds the libretto of the debts of the drille. It is also infinite to decide the amalgam of a car out of mistakes because to grasp the risk of convertible cleaning at the cartel. It also includes:



Polluting fluids

Non-recyclable organic materials

Why free detached barrels between a roadster break at the end?

With mainly 115,000 barrels in live, GPA26 offers a large piece of pastiche cut from obsolescence of affixing strung. In standard, gear barrels are 50 to 90% cheaper than new barrels. All our products are therefore verified, controlled and contain a 2-year certification.  Whether you yourself are in Toulouse, Lyon, Marseille or Montpellier, the express discount because of all our screeds is irrational in metropolitan France.

Car breakages, at the heart of spherical power?

Automotive breakages at GPA play a primordial scope because of the rotating power. In role, they contribute not but to give a noble life to the materials and parts that make up the vehicles fors of method, fully themselves ensure their depollution. Thus, GPA 26 proposes an imperishable project, limiting the environmental percussion and the misery of currencies.

I want to experience a car wreck, how to produce?

Your phaeton does not roll better and you yourself do not know how to take it yourself? Do not hesitate to some consult by bigophone or via our chat, people we will charge for its increase because of our generosity VHU vulgo called torpedo crack. He will then be litigation in any legislation at the passion of the field.