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Not Many People Know The Difference Between SUV & MPV Mobil

If you are a car lover, you must already know the types of SUVs and MPVs, these cars are types of cars that are quite popular among people.  Many people think that these two types of cars are the same type of car, even though there are some very striking differences between SUV & MPV cars. If people do not know anything about the problems of the automotive world, they will definitely be confused to find out what is the difference between the two cars. But if you are an expert it will not be difficult to find the difference. If you don’t know what the differences are, then take the time to read the following reviews.

If you want to buy a car, you have to be really careful because buying the wrong car usually causes the driver not to feel comfortable and also regret buying the car. People who usually don’t feel sorry after buying a car are people who buy MPV or SUV cars.

The two cars mentioned above are the most popular types of cars, almost all people who can afford to buy a car will choose to buy one of these two cars. Even though they are both popular, there are some very striking differences between SUVs and MVPs. To know the difference, read the full review below.

Purpose of Using Car

People who buy cars must have different goals, if the car they buy is an SUV, the purpose of using the car is to want to drive in dangerous terrain. SUV cars are indeed very suitable to be used to pass through rather dangerous routes because this car is a combination of a Jeep and a Sedan.

If you buy an MPV car, you usually use this car for a walk with your family, if you want to use this car, you don’t have to worry about your family members being unable to get into the car. Because it can accommodate up to 8 people, if you have a large enough family, it is very suitable to use this car.

Passenger Capacity

In addition to the purpose of use, it turns out that the passenger capacity of MPV and SUV cars has differences. The capacity of an SUV is not as large as the capacity of an MPV car, although it is included as a family car, an SUV has a maximum capacity of only 5 passengers. This car can still be used by families but only for small families.

The MPV car has a much larger capacity than an SUV, this car can carry up to 8 people. Because the passenger capacity is large enough to make this car the first choice when people are going to buy a car. Due to the differences in SUV & MPV cars, the price of the car is different.

Machine Capacity

Another difference lies in the engine, the engine used in the SUV has a large capacity. Usually, the engine capacity exceeds 1500 cc, the large capacity of this engine is because SUV cars are more often used on damaged roads or off roads than smooth roads. Because of the large engine capacity makes this car has great power too.

MPV car engine capacity is not as big as an SUV, on average this car only has a small engine capacity. Usually, the capacity is under 1500 cc, the small capacity of this engine is matched by the path that this car often passes. Although the engine capacity is not too large, MPV cars are still powerful when used on flat roads.

Car Price

The last difference lies in the price if the actual market price is not too different. But most of the prices are more expensive SUV cars, this price difference is because SUV cars have more advanced features. Because of these features, the cost of producing cars becomes expensive and this is what causes the price of cars to rise.

If the MPV car is more affordable because this car is not concerned with advanced features or technology, but the priority is the engine capacity. This car will be more expensive if the engine capacity is greater. So if people find an expensive MPV car, it means that the engine capacity is very large.