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Power Steering Oil Change Tips

There is still a lot that is wrong with Power Steering itself. Broadly speaking, power steering is a hydraulic technology that is used to provide relief to your car’s steering control. The power steering itself has technology that is divided into two, namely hydraulic power steering and electric power steering. Well, in both types of power steering, power steering oil is needed to provide ammunition so that the acceleration of the steering wheel is not heavy and stiff. Thus, the driver becomes more comfortable driving it.

The main key is to use the right oil fluid. For steering oil that is spread on the market, it’s a good idea to make adjustments first to the condition of the car. Pay attention to the quality of the oil to be selected in terms of viscosity. Choosing it is actually not much different from how to choose engine oil in general. Pay attention to the needs of your car, here are tips that you can try to do:

Know the Type of Power Steering Oil

Usually manual and automatic transmissions certainly have power steering which has different needs. For this reason, in choosing the right oil, make sure to properly explain the type of transmission of your car.

Content Stop Leak

On the vehicle, there is a seal that is easy to rust and brittle, the function of this seal certainly supports the performance of the car engine. The danger is that if the seal becomes more brittle, this will make the seal harden and shrink. The presence of additives can make the brittle seal last longer. In addition, stop leaks generally contain leakproof and foam. This makes the seal state stronger. click here

Anti-Corrosion Content and Contains Nylon

Be sure to choose an oil for power steering that contains additives to prevent corrosion from occurring. Lubricants must be able to reduce friction. Make sure the nylon content can reduce excess heat so that the power steering does not get thirsty easily.

Not Easy To Evaporate

Identify and ask which fluid or lubricant is the most durable and long-lasting, usually the product recommendation given to you later is an oil product that can help extend the life of the seals and various power steering rubber components. Shop at and get 10% off your first order.