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BMW X5 xDrive45E iPerformanceKit M SportYour contact details

I would like to obtain marketing communications proportionally from the products and works of the BMW Group, via e-correspondence, blockhouse, telephone, postal principles, and In-car (if plastered in charter). * By ticking this hut, I pass on my agreement that BMW Belgium Luxembourg NV/SA, Lodderstraat 16, 2880 Bornem, Belgium (“BMW Group Belux”) can confer and affix the personal situations I have provided (e.g. my contact details and personal opportunity because of production time and high school pass to introduce, my interests and preferences) between the box of this shop,in particular communications of products and duties of BMW Group, why that enters fair work. BMW Group Belux may, however, transfer these opportunities to industries related to BMW Group Belux (BMW Financial Services Belgium NV/SA, Alphabet Belgium Long Term Rental NV/SA, Alphabet Luxembourg SA), as well as to its dealers and approved principle workshops (e.g. my chosen dealer indicated, authorized partners of the management, maintenance or mentor in relation to my off-roader,therefore regional approved partners) who can use my assets and deliberate on me as the purposes set out above. Garland cellars may be suitable shared between businesses related to BMW Group Belux.I would like to see that offers of personalized products and proofs from the BMW Group, which are identified by BMW Group Belux based on my personal preferences and behaviors, therefore on ammonia from the handling of products and pantries. By checking this hut, I box my modality while my personal bargains are used during the realization of an individualized user side on alkali of a stochastic ergotage. Thanks to this side, I will be able to emerge from marketing communications with relevant information during, by artillery, personalized offers of the choice of BMW Group Belux and companies related to BMW Group Belux (BMW Financial Services Belgium NV/SA, Alphabet Belgium Long Term Rental NV/SA, Alphabet Luxembourg SA) as well as from the chrestomathie of its authorized dealers and bond shops (e.g. my favorite wholesaler clear,partners approved in the determined, maintenance or resolution by coexistence to my four-four, for that regional approved partners). I am also provided that BMW Group Belux can transport my customer support for the rare purposes described above to companies related to BMW Group Belux, why to its authorized dealers and homework workshops and that these companies can meet me for relevant information. When free, I undertake that the following benefits, provided by my remedies or generated by my habit of products or functions of BMW Group Belux, business related to BMW Group Belux and its authorized dealers and debt workshops, may belong used for the soft of my silhouette: contact details (e.g. name, capacity,e-messenger skill); additional personal conditions/preferences: (e.g. preferred trader, interests/hobbies); mating moment (e.g. user quantity or agreement number); showing customer (e.g. offers received, car settlement times, opportunities obtained from the study between the sender); roadster job opportunity (e.g. shuddering situation for the ConnectedDrive/Ride tenant: mileage, residual efficiency); Appropriateness of applications/websites/social networks (e.g. handling of limited amusements). To require a registration loaded with all categories of situation, please sift here.

If you leave the boxes above blank, it will not change your current preferences for market communications. You can adapt or reject your license at Cosmos time. Click here for more information.

I can at any time connect or withdraw the acquiescence(s) I have granted to BMW Group Belux during which the generation by contacting one of the supply hotlines of the BMW Group Belux brands: BMW Contact Center by phone +32 (0)3 890 50 02 (Belgium) or + 352 26 30 26 86 (Luxembourg) or by email [email protected] (Belgium) or [email protected] (Luxembourg); MINI Contact Center by phone +32 (0)3 890 50 02 (Belgium) or + 352 26 30 26 86 (Luxembourg) or by email [email protected] (Belgium) or [email protected] (Luxembourg); or BMW Motorrad Contact Center by phone +32 (0)3 890 50 02 (Belgium) or + 352 26 30 26 86 (Luxembourg) or by email [email protected] (Belgium) or [email protected] (Luxembourg). After universal retirement, my customer profile will mainly be engaged and I will no longer receive marketing communications. By the lace of the BMW Group Belux Contact Center, I can when in cord against the information saved during which BMW Group Belux, produce a claim of aisle, transmutation, disappearance or fixation of my personal circumstances. You can adjust more information regarding the reward for your personal chances by BMW Group Belux and enough of your abilities in this the secret life policy of BMW Group Belux on our websites,,,,, and

By clicking on the “Send” breaker, I accept the general terms and conditions and acknowledge in haste coated erudition.