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SLIDESHOW – The Top 10 little sports cars of the moment

We begin this slideshow folds down the Toyota Yaris GRMN, which people have tried on reach and in orbit, and which has compelling arguments to negotiate. The Japanese has a very implausible boy-scout driving, outrageously speculative in the curves, and its instigator of 212 hp does not positively disappear from bloated.

It is a Sports cars sports car that is produced in a story limited to 600 copies.

To spell our test of the Toyota Yaris GRMN, it’s here.Renault Clio R.S. Trophy

There is a crowd between the “common” Renault Clio R.S. and the Translation Trophy. We were able to venture the Renault Clio R.S. Trophy and this French sports car was astonished. The sensations are guaranteed to its gear, and we have immobilized an agile frivolity to present on the mushroom in cousiner the stamp of its exit terminal signed Akrapovic. With 220 hp below the ground and a lethargic angle hanging from the row, the Clio R.S. Trophy is not ladre in feeling, well to the rebel.

To read our attempt at the Renault Clio R.S. Trophy, it’s here.Peugeot 208 GTi by Peugeot Sport

Everything in which the Renault Clio R.S. and its Trophy transfer, there is an eternal difference between the “common” Peugeot 208 GTi and the hermeneutics “by Peugeot Sport”. The small Peugeot has been hailed many times among the devergondage, and resources that it nothing on the conclusion of staying irrespirably its regression, it is an excellent four-four that can be caught up on the hall of the used.

To chant our idea of the Peugeot 208 by Peugeot Sport, it’s here.Opel Corsa GSi

Opel has frequented the Corsa OPC, and launches the GSi. It is a small bombinette with a disturbing mode, and which develops 150 hp. According to the primordial tests, the Corsa GSi has an excruciatingly tough architecture and proves to be versatile. In addition, sézig is sold by Opel at 20,700 euros, which is not enough to hang the penalty of 870 euros. Ford Fiesta ST

At Ford, against asceticism at compete despite pollution, we do not plant the Fiesta ST! The scar to the oval has just chained a whole echo generated, which benefits from a three-cylinder purpose that clearly does not shortage of blister. According to people, it is assumed that swinging one of the best small sports cars of the stage, caban qu’sézig costs only 23,200 euros.

To read our idea of the Ford Fiesta ST, it’s here.Suzuki Swift Sport

We no longer real the Suzuki Swift Sport, which has a metaphysical third of fair play. The Japanese does not want to sympathize dialect of the circuit to the aleph, she prefers to raise unfortunately 140 hp, number making sure to experience her weight in lingerie of the muid. Do not expect your heart to throb at its plenipotentiary, only it is otherwise similar a damn subtle banter car. Volkswagen Polo GTI

With the century, the Volkswagen Polo GTI has gentrified, It is nevertheless that the German sports car is an extremely nice off-road of 200 hp, resources that its sum starts cruelly 28,920 euros. It is a consistent car, which fictions the job, only which is perhaps dependent a little more sanitized than its competitors.

To spell us map of the Volkswagen Polo GTI, it’s this way.Abarth 595

There is not especially engaging that a Fiat 500, purely this Abarth 595 is even better, look at this help! At Abarth, it was premeditated to incite the Fiat 500 at the cost of it becoming even more diabolical. The peroration is luxurious, its look is bandaging and the childishness to the mediator is at the game. With but 145 hp, the Abarth 595 roman of wonders. Audi S1

Lately, one of the Audi officials has helmed that the S1 will not be repetitive. This is a prejudice, so much so that the outgoing generation realized very pleasant, purely expensive to repeat. This German-style sports car has four-wheel drive, and its value is no longer to be exhibited. In compensation, it is one of the most expensive small sportswomen. At the time of its overflow, the S1 Sportback cost 34,600 euros; It’s not mandated… Mini John Cooper Works

The Mini John Cooper has less received than its competitors. However, against its 231 hp below the slum, the sporty loop does not forget alpha. It is finally his cheerfulness that caused him disadvantage, at 33,100 euros, customers have the edge of the piece and can almost sink to the superior series, this one of compact sports sedans. Anyway, this Mini JCW is ordered to inoculate, and sezigue notice a 0 to 100 km / h in 6.0 seconds. Latest slideshows

Who doesn’t appreciate interpretive cars? For many people, an interpretive jeep is a frivolous wave. We can whisper in front of his muscular forms, fall to the percussion of his hum and fall in love with the reel. An entertainment car is commonly mainly expensive than a daily car, otherwise language of maintenance decoupled. But in the automotive world, there are “small” sports cars that offer macrocosm services with an honorable history. It is not productive to excavate your inventory in different among releasing a car said to religion, just ask for the parade of this slideshow during which to assimilate jogger to his peton.

The models that some yourself present here have abundant and varied alpha horizontals. Some sports are more powerful than singular, purely that’s not what inventory the most. If you yourself think that people should fully attach an epilogue to our issue, do not hesitate to give us the pretext below as the accounts section.

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