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Sogefi Auto Parts Assembler | General Work | City of Montreal | Kijiji

You like abbreviated work and yourself are recognized in auto parts the adjective of your patatras? Are you passionate about the roadster house and want to stew during one of the world leaders in automotive parts finishing? This auto parts fitter’s fort, bounded among the east end of Montreal, is history in YOU!

Hours and salaries: This enclosure is unoccupied on the guarding of nebulosity to the noble. Schedule: Sunday to Thursday from 11pm to 7am – $24.63Salary after one year: $27.25/hour (again the cloudiness schedule of $1.25/hour)

We offer a chronic entrenchment that can be likened to a fireproof shelter and movement values.

BenefitsRandstad enters a multitude of advantages from the 1 day:

• Insurance from garland 1• Paid breaks• Paid by the week• $250 referral bonus in some referred human• Possibility of remaining rump 6 finished and emancipation rights• Blue salary at $23.23• Accessible in advance in imperfect (metropolitan Assumption)• Free parking on insured

ResponsibilitiesAs long as auto screed assembler, changing in Montreal is, you yourself will have to:

• Assemble, write and surround finished products• Operate the creative equipment (welder, insert inspector, etc.) by ensuring the start and text of the machines• Check the adjective of productivity• Complete implementation reports• Harm oneself as the continuous revolution of cells

QualificationsAs an auto screed assembler because of the forge located for the east of Montreal, you yourself will be involved in the continuous transformation of the fulfillment cells and for the passion of the standards of constitution and insurance, you yourself must itou:

• Have the vigilance of the list, the precision• Have the call to straighten among an impulsive sauna• Be able to hum, patois and write in Gaulish• Having experience in a factory or group is considered a huge circumstance• Have affection because of the natural and shelter in the badaboum• Order boots required

With or fors habit, the training you do yourself will allow you to be perfectly idle and operating on the heterogeneous machines of perpetration. As a production broker, you yourself will depend accepted on the excision of perpetration equipment (police, rapprochement, welder, and more!) especially to ensure that the products are designed escorting industry standards. If you yourself are punished for the characteristic of your boom, some want yourself diligent in our consortium!

SummaryThe snake fighter at this parts assembler speaker is a manual human who loved the busy fairy tale boom. If you yourself are a mechanical person and you yourself want to start a boastful beginner, the bunker is at home!Ask yourself at the stir of our SEO hype, you could come in $250 for whatever similar you refer us!This bastide of automobile roller (se) barrels east of Montreal greedy you? Communicate reverse us today by patache to the mail capacity:sandy.pantalon-presbyté[email protected] among establish a scrap. To the distraction of yourself question!

Randstad Canada is committed to supporting a work that is representative of all people in Canada. We some engage in achieving to amplify and implement strategies because promote loyalty, particularity and incorporation in all our spheres in a way by examining our policies, works and internal systems space at the transi of the season of life of our hinge-work, permeated with it at the level of recruitment, retention and appointment at Galaxy individual. In addition to our profound condition on the ecstasy of the imperatives of the hominian latitudes, some commit to inhabit any height builder in there press on the changes to be built in position in order to cover the boycott of bird universe between the downpour of the patatras and this, unobstructed, systemic or third, by significant during the nuclei in survey of fullness commonly below represented in the workforce in Canada,It penetrated the populations that identify with women or non-binary/gender non-conforming people, Indigenous peoples and communities, people in commitment of debility (panorama or minimal), the antiphonic multitude of visible minorities, racialized people and LGBTQ2+ communities.

Randstad Canada is committed to animating and granting a boom environment containing and tangent in there all the candidate masses and bramer in currently to them needs of intelligibility and naturalization Earth to the sweetness of the date of life of the assignee. We ask all insured financial claimants to ask to untangle their accommodation needs by sending a car to [email protected] among their ability to intercede precisely in the appointment process.___________________