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Special Things Get Car Insurance

In fact, it`s now no longer best for your personal fitness that wishes to be insured. One of the valuable items, such as a car, also needs protection given the high risk of driving that occurs today. In addition to protection in the form of compensation when the car is damaged or scratched, car insurance companies also provide several special things to customers. Here are special things that you can get when your car is insured. Confused about finding the best and cheapest car insurance? Pay attention to having a solution

Easy Car Insurance Claims

All policies have the right to file a claim if the vehicle is damaged, whether due to an accident, natural disaster, brawl, and others as recorded in the insurance claim policy. We recommend that you follow the claim submission procedure as determined by the company to speed up the compensation process.

Extensive Partner Workshop

A broken car is no longer a catastrophe. By insuring your car, you are entitled to fast repair services when your car breaks down in the middle of the journey. With a note, repairs are carried out at the workshop partner of the insurance company.

Customer Service

If at any time you have difficulty submitting a claim or do not understand the written points, then you can contact the insurance company’s customer service. This service can be accessed through the Whatsapp application, phone calls, or live chat on the company’s official website.

Ambulance Free

This special thing is given when the policy is in an accident on the way. The ambulance service will take the police to the nearest hospital for further treatment before the policy’s health condition worsens.

Reimbursement Of Transportation Costs

The insurance company also provides reimbursement of transportation costs if the insured car is damaged and is still in the repair stage. This reimbursement of transportation costs varies, depending on the policy of each insurance company.

Replacement Car During Repair

The car still under repair? No need to worry because as long as the car is repaired, the insurance company will provide a replacement car facility to accompany your days. So, you can continue to work as it should.

Free Crane Service

If the insured car can’t be used at all, the insurance company is ready to help. You do this by providing a free tow service to transport the car to a partner workshop for repairs.

Insurance Latest Features

Insurance companies often improve their services to pamper their customers. The trick is to add the latest features in car insurance products that are reportedly able to be used directly by customers.