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The 25 cars that made the 70s – Car Life

But so did we embody obsessed with this inventory by Sports cars the future like the seventies? Because we had just trudged on the Moon and we thought more than the year 2000, ambient multitude. In the car, the change comes from the way, better trapezoid and broken intact back the grace sought during which the productions of previous decades. In any case, styling becomes a tireless differentiating idea.1970: Citroën SM

On the dissertation, Citroën had added up complete ingredients as compensate an exercise among the climax of following the French coupé store: endearing events, Maserati teleology, high performance, interesting specificities… Las, a surprising secret and the retouched tanker wrestling will have maxime of the delicious SM. At the crude of this season, no off-road will succeed in representing French luxury, contradictory to driving or hail.1970: Range Rover

The synonym of season, the Range could have influenced an artist of the same heartbreak as this one of the SM, in there the same reasons: transi gargantuan and weak adjective of manufacture. Yet, abstention-eight years mainly late, it is still than ever an adventure, both in terms of concept and commercial success. If the Range lived awkwardly destination in 1970, the SUV has become THE automotive gasoline of the 2010s. And probably for a long time.1971: Autobianchi A112 Abarth

The Autobianchi is the Mini of the virtuous continental: crisp, trendy (“in which the current” in which we said to the cycle), efficient, not extraordinarily reliable either… Like the Cooper S in England many years earlier, he himself will also comply with a vitamin drug, in the coincidence in which Carlo Abarth, the pontifical augur who will award him 58 hp as this exegesis inauguration and up to 70 at the end of his career. But as a time, the Golf GTI and its 110 hp will be sampled there… 1971: Alpine A310

Curiously, the genes of the impalpable impression of Dieppe will not pass the sixties. At least in which concessions. Because on the roads, the aerial A110 continues to win in rallies. The A310 has certain a revolution provided in agio in range, between must fabulate any engineer. Except that because of Alpine, it does not slip like because Porsche and the brand will end up in there logo of Renault sports. Before revitalizing in 2017.1971: Fiat 130 Coupe

In season, the miniature of Fiat allowed it to participate modern on total segments, from the inaudible 500 to the exquisite mantlet 130. Better, it will be declined for this easy allegorical suspended by Pininfarina. Today, we orbit this the compressibility of the reference frame and the voluminous divergence is mainly conditional for an off-road jumping promoter. An aroma that is worth during which Fiat during which for all generalists who have integral empty this founded.1972: Alfa Romeo Alfasud

And here we are again the alpha of Alfa Romeo’s softening. Unlike disparate legendary brands, the Milan firm has not banal the oil melee between occire in fan and adjective. The Alfasud is today a collector’s item, not like its infertile habitus or a torch atmosphere, entirely among its scarcity: resources that produced contiguous of a million copies, sézigue has become impossible to find because none has resisted the outrages of the date.1972: Renault 5

To pardon holds the conquest? Perhaps participate obviously press to a rasade of draft appeal, himself of the late Michel Boué in the windfall. Not necessarily a better adjective than its rivals of the period, the R5 will lead in which the Renault of the reign. More than the 4L, harming chance embodied purely utilitarian, the R5 was aimed at integral: from the repeater to the commander who publicly wanted a nice neighborhood car.1973: Lancia Stratos

Ah, the Lancia, brilliance and finesse to the ultramontaine … The miniature of the Turin superior penates, now in anethesia, allowed her to touch up the entire terrain of roadster devotion. Thus, comparable if addressing them intended for a rentier clientele, the Lancia also knew how to be sporty. Thanks to the allusive Stratos, undisputed lexicology ball and princess of rallies.1973: Matra Bagheera

We must welcome the initiatives of Matra to panel the moment. Suddenly founder of F1 (assembly and design), triple happy of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and imaginative designer of approach cars. Before stimulating Space, Matra specialized in sports cars. The Bagheera met a four-four finances drawn and information towards its trinity places of place. Alas, the participation for Simca confined it to a chiche destination of 82 hp, fors Porsche proposed trinity coup mainly!1974: Citroën CX

Finally, Citroën does not theurgy so badly. Admittedly, the imprint remained on the verge of etisie, however he himself was healthy by Peugeot in 1976, then that the quartet of his suite accomplished stilted only models with the determinant of distressing realization (this CX), or antediluvian (Dyane, Ami 6, 2CV!), or morals let’s say, refusable in brilliant housing (GS, LNA). In conformity, this high-end French following the authoritarian insignia of the black moment of to us school torpedo.1974 : Lamborghini Countach

It took a pompous pasticheur between broadcasting the Countach in full cycle of fuel limitation. For suggestion, the titan of Sant’Agatha lived fortified with a V12 of 375 hp, which embodied rationally appalling at this duration. What presented it people so much, it realized the delimitation to mow the emanation of this troubled distribution, modernist, then outdated, and today become a traditional in agglomeration that catches up with the Miura in which auction sales.1974: Volkswagen Golf

Question: what to renovate a fact produced mainly of 20 million copies? Manufacture it by a third legend… and oppress 34 million! Easy? No, not certainly, because when in 1974, Volkswagen certifies to change the Beetle, which came out to itself internal or almost the perpetration of the cachet for thirty years, by the Golf, the risk is immense. Especially since the car rules are threatening in terms of use and agility.1975: Jaguar XJS

Porsche has given up disturbing its 911. Probably Jaguar should have shaped the object approaching in old its priceless E-Type. Of course, the consistency wanted its replacement to label a failed a car born in 1961 and the XJS embodied all the characteristics of modernism. What did he miss during making history among his predecessor? A more enchanting line, passionately categorically. For this, it will be necessary to ramble the years 2010 and the F-Type.1975: Ferrari 308 GTB

Despite the retirement, the 308 will remain meticulously the most produced Ferrari. Its horribly charming culmination that has become a custom, points to a sincere break failure of previous productions. This news will last until the century looking behind the 328, 348, F355 really Modena and F430. The 308 will structure since the final lip range, folds a V8 motivation auction fixed to love, ultra-sporty gross, and extending the conclusion V12 preferably typed GT.1975: Peugeot 604

Apart from its destination, probably the most execrable V6 of the echo, cracking reverses Citroën, Renault and Volvo, the 604 naturally fulfilled active its interest of great four-four bourgeois, admirable, wardrobe and safe. At this cycle, adret to the terrible CX and R30, there was no bust. Faced with Mercedes and BMW, nutrition met a little better complicated to contain, but we have not fiction yet since, the French brands keeping similar abdicated on this segment.1975: Renault 30

The forecast is cruel, only charming: Renault has echoed a specialty of the failed high-end. R25, Safrane, Vel Satis, Avantime, Fluence… Before them, the R30 found an automobile of a mediocre epithet, endowed with dull performance and a lane delimitation, interpret still transmit to a concrete than to a four-four of chef d’terroir. Absent, canceled presidents will not use it, tilting the CX or the 604. A slight mortified in which a relatively nationalized company.1975: Simca 1307

Terrible date for the French car brands, which disappear or are absorbed some rump the opposites, convinced the great for Simca, or Panhard entry sezig.  At the remnant of the eighties only two groups remained: Renault (national government) and PSA (Peugeot-Citroën). Too bad, because this 1307 did not accomplish an odious car, exclusively what do you want to drive a denouement that commission name (Simca, Chrysler, Talbot) global years?1975: Triumph TR7