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The Advantages Of Electric Cars That You Should Know

Innovation unceasingly overwhelms technological developments. Starting from technology that is rarely used every day, to those that are often used every day, such as cars. Today, there are car innovations that are worth ogling and considering to have. The innovation is the electric car. Electric cars certainly have advantages and disadvantages. Here are the advantages of electric cars.

The First Advantage Of Electric Cars Is Saving

In the long run, buying an electric car is the right decision to cut vehicle costs. Although the cost of buying an electric car is expensive, if you think about it in the long term, electric cars are economical. The economical side of electric cars comes mainly from the fuel and maintenance side. For fuel, electric cars only need to be charged without buying gasoline. For the maintenance side, electric cars do not need engine lubricant. This is because electric cars use electrically powered engines and do not require oil anymore

Does Not Produce CO2 And CO  Emissions

Compared to conventional cars that run on gasoline, electric cars are considered more environmentally friendly. Gasoline fuel from conventional cars will produce fuel emissions in the form of CO2 and CO. Unlike the gasoline-fueled car, the electric car is more environmentally friendly because it does not produce CO2 and CO emissions.


For those who prefer to travel in serenity and silence, electric cars are the right choice. When using a conventional car, surely someone cannot start the engine without any noise. This is different from electric cars which produce a quieter sound.

More Efficient Combustion

The interesting thing about electric cars is that electric cars are able to convert energy into power three times greater than conventional cars. The reason is, electric cars convert about 59%-62% of electrical energy from the grid to power at the wheels. Meanwhile, conventional cars only convert about 17%-21% of the energy stored in gasoline into electricity at the wheels.

Safe to Drive

Although counted as a new invention, electric cars have gone through the same series of testing procedures as other conventional cars. One of the safety features provided by electric cars is that in the event of an accident, the airbag opens and the power supply is cut off from the battery. This will certainly prevent the passengers in the car from being injured or seriously injured.

That’s the advantage of electric cars. Hopefully, this is useful, for consideration in determining the type of vehicle you will buy.