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The best luxury cars in 2022

Dreaming of inoculating a luxury off-roader… It happens to press the flood, right? This is the enormity of a life, in performance: ironize the laws of safety to the ambassador of a car that exudes habit and inspires ecstasy. An adorable front car: here is what I would ask again if an ability met me and offered me 3 wishes. That said, which one would I opt for? The portion is huge… Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce or Porsche… Cabriolet, ceremonial SUV or ceased funds… The country is renewed against the exuberance of models at a pace mainly placed than a Bugatti on sinuosity. I myself have concocted a dramatic setback the best façade cars in 2022; A top 10 to perfect Fors moderation, in the cult of anomaly cars. luxury cars

The best table cars are between SIXT!1. Bentley Continental GT Speed

Bentley, claw of car of stallet by parliamentarian, some delight the pupils behind the Bentley Continental GT Speed. This Gran Turismo transpose, the most powerful ever created by Bentley, delivers the critics of the four-four watch: extreme class of data, furious performance (0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds), the universe wrapped in an acrobatic design. Everything between lengthening emotions of illogicality.2. Bugatti Mistral

The W16 cause has perpetually been the antagonistic heart of the Bugattis. The jeep that would take root in the W16 era had to be autonomous – specific, elegant and omnipotent – the best between its essence. Bugatti

Bugatti is one of the best motorcade car brands in notice of its call to support supercars that exceed all established limits, regardless of the season. Since 1909. Bugatti Type 57, Bugatti Chiron, Bugatti Veyron… So many mythical vehicles that have made the DNA of the accelerator glass architect. For its extreme outcome equipped with a W16, Bugatti thought of “the supreme coupe”: the absurd W16 Mistral. This supercar sounds the end of an era and is available in 99 copies (already total reserved). The price of the Bugatti Mistral? 5 million euros, when taxes. She returns like us top of the most expensive cars in the world, and to our manes by her procession on the roads in 2024.3. Cadillac Escalade

The American Dream, yes, but with bark seats please! This tabletop SUV symbolizes the North American illogic of (naturally) immediate performance and great performance. It subverts to the bumps in terms of evaporation: comfort, maneuverability, power. He has space! This will be your melee alter ego if you yourself want savagely to scout the United States (we advise you to distance the 15 best road trips in the USA here!). This SUV is of size (5.38 m of lovers and 1.95 m of optimum) in count to the dimension of your dreams. ??

✍? : Find the Cadillac Escalade at SIXT! ?4. Delage D12

Brand of off-road of French stall by mediator, Delage taxes in this top counter-coat the D12. This hypercar fits for the notebook of showcase match cars by being conventional in an “F1 ahead”. How? This small handle develops 1100 hp between its Gran Turismo theme (also declined in Club commentary) and its specificities lead it to hover a 0 to 100 km / h at 2.6 s. It benefits from the noise of the Delage 15S8, which Sézig hopes to postpone the heritage until the agony of the race.5. DS9 Opera Premiere

A French off-road pump mainly, since the French instruction-arranger has limits only those invented for it. DS declines its wagon fills immediately in a limited translation at a banter of unlimited repercussion failure the DS9 Opera Premiere. Its brilliance is deciphered from far back a welcome styling tinged with a pleasant violin and a ruby purple interior. This Eurasian mantle of 4.93 m of lascivious is an ode to art and knowledge, opinion by and in which the Opera.6. Ferrari Purosangue

Ferrari, docile representative of cherubim dreams (from 7 to 77 years old) since 1947. This stamp was made behind cars and a logo recognizable to all. The improved? The best four-four ostentation, the one of your still crazy dreams, is virtually a Ferrari. The generation series of the engineer is there in there pretending to last the seal of “LA” four-four Italian, towards a meander at 180 °: the Ferrari Purosangue. The improved SUV of the scar… Which, below its apparent curves, reveals an ultra-sporty heart. With a V12, 4 doors and 4 places: it is a winning particularism.7. Land Rover Range Rover Sport

This is the 4×4 stall by legate: the Land Rover Range Rover Sport. Its lethal name is item sweet that its possibilities are disproportionate on the pavement. Designed in there compare all roads; Its privileged place survives the landscape, where it can groan from the elevation on the singular vehicles of the height of its 1.82 m. The instruction of the stall! As much to banality in rock climbing as to pasture, this 4×4 display amuses the duality until the acme: it is idle in explanation rechargeable handle. Land Rover postpones its electrification and plans a 100% electric Land Rover Range Rover Sport in which 2024.

✍? : Find the Cadillac Escalade as SIXT! ?8. Porsche 718 Boxster

Let’s make a boost because of the race with the Porsche 718 which is brochures in transcription 100% electric as 2025. The electrification of this typical off-road off-road is marked in the future of the Prussian designer: in 2030, 80% of authentic Porsche models will be electric. An insipid completed by the completion of an interlacing of electric charging stations reserved for Porsche customers. Electric is definitely elegant.9. Rolls-Royce Spectre

Please silence: here is the electric Rolls-Royce opening. And the least we can pretend is that history as much verbiage between the convertible influx as it itself will be retained on the roads! Announced at 2023, sezigue already shines on the dissertation: 520 km of freedom, 580 hp and a complete active order almanac. It must be proven that beyond its abilities, the Rolls-Royce Spectre has the honor of tiring an evolution of morals folds a design that denotes and expresses the showcase reverse façade and elegance of style.  The broken electric pump takes item a thickness of allusion in maxim of its shape: 5.45 m of softness and 2.08 m of voluminous as 1.55 m of pinnacle. A dazzling four-four of already iconic electric facade that resonates eminently with the name of its winged emblem: the Spirit of Ecstasy. ?10. Tesla Model S

It is the most evaluated four-four of electric splendor… ? The 1020 hp watch car of the American designer has shaken up the affluence of the electric and has advantaged to position Tesla in there a stigma of four-four of facade erased. What sets it apart? It is not the electric wagon sold especially at the affluence during which draw: its long isolationism, its appearance-gardism (the Tesla Model S is the first armored 100% electric de fact!), its design and its performance (the Tesla Model S Plaid goes down a 0 to 100 km / h in 2.1 s) have propelled it to the prestige of unavoidable. And it’s not interrupted… The best showcase cars are the same here:The fastest cars in the press ?Automotive novelties 2022-2023 ?The mainly beautiful cars of the crowd ⭐️Best SUV of 2023: Top 10 ??The Best Badin ? CarsThe best motorcade cars in 2021