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The Importance of Additional Car Carpets

Additional Car Carpets

Automotive friends, already know the 2 types of carpet in the car? At the bottom is a built-in rug made of rough velvet. Then on top of it, there is another carpet which is an additional carpet. These additional car carpets are usually very flexible because it is made of rubber and there are scratches on the surface. Well apart from the material of manufacture, these two carpets still have other differences. The built-in carpet is installed in such a way that it is firmly attached to the card base. While the additional carpet is portable (easier to move).

Of course, some of my automotive friends are wondering, why is the carpet on the car arranged like that? Why not just use the default rug? Therefore, in this discussion, you will be explained about this. Here are the reasons why additional base mats are important in cars:

It’s Easier To Clean The Bottom Of The Car

With a built-in carpet made of rough velvet, it will make dust and other dirt that sticks more difficult to clean. This is because the dirt is stuck in the fibers of the carpet. In addition, it is not only a matter of dust and dirt but also when exposed to liquid droplets. Velvet is a material that easily absorbs water. These humid conditions can cause mold and cause an unpleasant odor to the car. That’s why additional carpet plays a role here. The slippery rubber material prevents dust and dirt from getting stuck. In addition, because rubber is also water-resistant, liquid stains will be easier to remove. You can easily remove the carpet and do some cleaning.

Additional Car Carpets Adds Comfort

With additional carpet protection, you will feel more comfortable while in the car. In addition, additional carpets can also add to your comfort because of the visual factor. Yes, the carpet can be an accessory to beautify the interior of your car. Giving a matching color with the interior of the car. Not to mention the scratches on the surface that will add to the elegance and aesthetics of your car interior. This is the reason the importance of additional basic carpet in the car is one of them

Adding Selling Value

One of the factors that influence the selling value of a used car is its cleanliness. Of course, you don’t want potential buyers to see a lot of dust and mildew on your car’s built-in carpet? You will be labeled as an incompetent owner and potential buyers may cancel the transaction. But with additional carpet, you can prevent that. You just replace your old additional carpet with a new one. Thus the beauty of your car is maintained and becomes a plus in the eyes of potential buyers. But before doing this additional carpet replacement, you should pay attention to the following factors:

Each additional carpet emits a distinctive aroma from one another. Therefore, you should choose a carpet with a scent that is not too stinging. This is so that the driver can drive comfortably. Not to experience nausea.

Automotive friends should also choose an additional carpet with the right size according to the base of the car. Installing the right size carpet will be easier. The right size also prevents the carpet from getting stuck when you press the brake or gas pedal. These obstacles make you unable to drive optimally. In addition, it can damage the brake and gas pedals in your car.