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The Right Tips Of How To Choose The Best Car Carpet


How to choose a car carpet that everyone does is different. This is influenced by various factors. Starting from taste, price to adjust to the type of car used. But for those of you who are choosing a car carpet for the first time. It’s good to check a few things like the following:

Pay Attention To The Level Of Flexibility And Elasticity Of Your Car Carpet

The flexibility and elasticity of the carpet is the first thing you should consider. The reason is that carpets that have an elastic and flexible texture are generally much more durable. Why is that? Because the carpet can adjust to the shape of the car’s surface easily. Even if you bend it according to the shape of the curve of the car. The carpet can also be returned to its original shape and does not leave any marks. There are no wrinkles, tears, or even breaks on the carpet. In addition to convenient use. This car carpet can also be cleaned easily. It doesn’t even take you long to clean it.

Unscented Or Smelly Carpet

Not a few types of car carpets come with a variety of different scents or smells. If the aroma produced is fragrant, then there will be no problem. But most of the car carpet actually smells bad. This often affects passengers, such as causing motion sickness and others. In addition, there are also types of carpets that can absorb unpleasant odors from foot odor. The odor is generally absorbed and then spread by it. If you open the car window and don’t turn on the air conditioner. The aroma can be disguised well. But if you use a car air conditioner, of course, the aroma will spread and make the passengers uncomfortable.

To avoid this, make sure you avoid carpets that can absorb and spread odors. Like the following types of odorless carpets:

  • Carpet with PVC material
  • Synthetic fur
  • Velvet material
  • Choose a non-slippery rug

The next thing you can do is choose a carpet that is not slippery. Because if the car carpet is slippery, there is a lot of risk of accidents happening. Like the carpet that is stuck, getting into the gas pedal, brakes, and various other problems. Not only that, but the slippery carpet also feels inconvenient. Because it makes users always justify the position they have. For that, make sure to choose a carpet that is not slippery and you can try or practice it first.

Carpet With Adhesive Or Hook

The next tip that you can do is to choose a carpet that comes with a hook or adhesive section. This type of carpet is generally intended for carpet on the driver’s side. This is done so that the driver is safer and not constrained when driving. However, apart from the driver’s side. You can also choose rugs with these hooks or adhesives for other parts. So that the use of carpets in the car is neater and more comfortable.

Selection Of Carpet Motifs

Each car carpet comes with a different density level. For those of you who want to clean the footwear, such as shoes properly. Make sure to choose a rug with a tight pattern. The tight pattern of the carpet can clean the footwear to the maximum. But to clean the carpet itself is not an easy matter. Because the tight parts will be difficult to clean. It’s different if you choose a carpet motif that is not too tight. Although it takes quite a long time to clean the footwear. However, the process of cleaning the carpet itself can actually be done more easily.

Those are some of the right tips on how to choose a car carpet that you can easily follow.