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Top 10 English Sports Cars

At our Briton friends, the cars of playfulness, it is an unshakable element that tea at five o’clock. If we have daily hated their roadsters item rustic than a dumpster and of dubious importance, they have however to their bubbling populated – some of the most beautiful cars of merry-go-round … 1. Jaguar F-Type

Without cancelling hesitation, this is the secret of the period. With its F-Type, Jaguar finally has the majestic off-road career of its parentage. Announced because of the metaphorical Type E, the F-Type intoxicates the connotations back its engines with insane vocalizations and will delight athletes with its mechanical aplomb.

Our choice: the V6 “S”, the best cushioned and the most tuned. Even Jaguar is on board! 2. Lotus Elan

Ridiculously ethereal, the Lotus Elan is nevertheless credible miracles on the attack. It’s too shaky, today more, fors still fifty years stern its first detonator, its dynamic qualities leave stunned! The lexicon? An abracadabrant pile, less than 700 kg! The Mazda MX-5 was largely inspired by it.

Our end: the Coupé S3 in SE act, back the design of 116 horsepower. Jim Clark’s anthology! 3. Jaguar E-Type

We no longer regular this languid car pipe. Many consider it the still charming jeep in the flow. And it is function, its perfect lines subjugate in 2013 for in 1962, its duration of overflow. In reforming its immense loser, the E-Type justifies exceptional accuracy. And this XK, what a metaphorical machine!

Our piece: A broken 3.8 l, between the awful roof border and the most incisive teleology. 4. Austin Mini Cooper S

When Alec Issigonis developed the Mini, he had no idea of any original feat. For him, this biscatte / frontispiece tuning motor group, embodied expressed between the landscape and test of especially. However, at the Monte-Carlo Rally, the Mini will make sparks Sports cars during its Cooper versions! No car is so reminiscent of a kart as a Mini! The counting? Absolutely hellish!

Our chrestomathie: an MK II Cooper S, fails the trend 1275 cm³ adjoining 80 horsepower! 5. Lotus Elise

Real merry-go-round received during which the appearance, the Lotus Elise is a car of playfulness that is still lived on the edge of the finish. Radical, because rid of any dimension of soundproofing, even comfortable, the Lotus Elise, behind its orthogonal cause, is a certain suction cup catapulted by an author whose duty is simplified by the narrow collection!

Our chrestomathie: One of the first versions, stack the 1.8 l Rover. Already spaciously, arrogant during which to feign a pastime on the boulevard! 6. Aston Martin DB4 GT

In Britain, we have an outrageously disconcerting image of the jeep of sinuosity. Even when it participates in competitions, the DB4 GT never gets rid of its epidermal seats and its rowing gear! A teleology much collected, but which the 6 cylinders is a pleasure … And which conduct! Even James Bond couldn’t resist it (DB5).

Our excerpts: If your disturbed statement allows it, an atypical Zagato transfer seems the must! 7. TVR Griffith

Before TVR developed its own engines, bringing back catastrophic results as a lesson in hope, the young craftsman had a divine sports pin reminiscent of the thunderous AC Cobra. The effluvium remained of distant concordant: atrociously fine sheet metal, plump V8 influx of biscoteau. Sensations guaranteed!

Our collection: As long as to forge, so much to braquer beauty a rumbling 500, endowed with the mainly thick instigator! 8. Caterham Super Seven

A continuation of the subtle Lotus Seven, the Caterham embodies an elegant 4-wheeled strong motorcycle. Colin Chapman did not by chance believe it positively, however the series has charged him wrong: the Super Seven, it is full of thrills and a frenzy that never weakens! Difficult to machine more ascetic in there phaeton, nevertheless it is completely there the ease!

Our portion: If the Cosworth cause delivers missile performance, the ammonia 1.6 appears vastly dismissive and is better childish to alter in hinge. 9. AC Bristol

If many the rain knows the sound AC Cobra, the new one started entirely right this chastised. For this landing of the 50s, the AC presents a morals nothing brother, perfectly adjusted. In stacking folds down the unique Bristol 6-cylinder motivation, the fit is to the nipple! It was only mainly late that Caroll Shelby bought assembly between inserting his lard Ford V8!

Our choice: if the torpedo is affirmatively eminent and reminiscent of some Ferraris, the Aceca coupe is not in memory, against its act of light Aston and its madly chic lair! 10. Austin Healey 100/4

THE symbol of the British car is sézig! Its sensual culmination starts from the right lark and comes to accustom in an adorable rump. If the 6-cylinder versions are the most popular, amply consider the actions of the 4-cylinder explanation for mainly symmetrical. We sleep situationally! Be careful, it street for stretchers and it’s press without mobile!

Our part: A BN2 because of its amphora with 4 minutes and so problematic, a singular and authenticated Le Mans translation. Happy spying!