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Ways of Caring for Cars that Make Car Engines Last

Even though you are a person who doesn’t understand machines and only accepts it’s done when servicing a car, you still need to know these six simple ways to care for a car. Even if you are lazy, you can definitely do this.Buy vape pen and cart

The six ways to care for the car that we will discuss, won’t be as complicated as changing car oil. However, some of the steps do require you to open the hood. Is it tiring? For lazy people, it’s possible. If you are lazy, you will be lazy to open the hood because you are afraid that your hands will become all items.

Believe me, these six ways of caring for a new car should be understood and done even by lazy people. Because if you don’t understand, it’s better to just sell the car and take an online taxi every day. flower in dallas

If you want to know in more detail what the treatment is, come on, you can read the full review below.

Change the tire and check the pressure

The function of tires for a car is very important, and can determine driving safety. So it is mandatory for car owners to understand how to change car tires. If you can’t even take the tire off, what if the tire suddenly bursts in the middle of the road? It’s time to ask someone to install a spare tire.

In the process of removing tires, you also have to understand how to use a jack. For those of you who can’t, that’s okay, there’s still time to learn how to jack a car.

In addition to disassembling tires, you also have to understand the ideal car tire pressure. Be sure to find out the standard pressure of your car’s tires in the manual.

After that, try to kick your car tires with your feet. If the sound produced is loud and the reflection is strong, it can be said that your tire pressure is too high. But if it’s the other way around, it’s clear that your tires are under-inflated. So, don’t forget to check the pressure. Especially if you are back and forth, touring, or traveling hundreds of kilometers.

How to care for a car engine

Try to regularly heat the car every day, at least 30 seconds to 1 minute every morning. A car engine that is routinely heated every day will have better performance and there will be fewer disturbances. Heating the car engine every day can also keep the oil evenly distributed throughout the engine.

Try to regularly use the car every day. If you don’t use the car for a long time, try to use it once a month. This is also useful for detecting whether there are changes in the condition of your car engine.

Check engine oil

Changing engine oil is routinely done when your car has covered a distance of 5 thousand KM. But sometimes, there are times when the oil change time is delayed due to the busy schedule. As a car owner, it is mandatory for you to be able to check your own engine oil. Actually, it’s really easy to check the oil, you just need to start the car engine. If the oil indicator on the dashboard is dead, then your oil is still in good condition.
Add wiper air supply, the simplest way to care for a car

The main function of this water is to clean the glass surface. You can fill it with plain water or additional washer fluid.

If it’s never filled, it’s clear that the supply will run out. Of course it’s very annoying when it’s drizzling.

How to take care of your car, wash your car regularly

I don’t know how to rinse and wash the car properly, yes, hello every week, you have to pay Rp. 30 thousand to the steam washing workshop. It is mandatory to wash the car once a week even in the rainy season. It can’t be too frequent, it can’t be too rare.

Car washing is mandatory as one of the black car care that must be done. If the frequency of the car body will become moist, the car is easily exposed to fungi that will damage the black paint.