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Your Car Air Conditioner Smells Bad, Maybe This Is The Cause

When driving a car, of course, air conditioning is very important, Friend Garage. Moreover, the hot weather in Indonesia, which is very hot, really needs air conditioning. However, if the condition of your car’s air conditioner emits an unpleasant odor. This will interfere with your trip. An unpleasant odor in the vehicle cooling system is one of the problems that will be faced by car owners. One way to overcome this problem is to find out the source of this odor. These are the factors that cause the car air conditioner to emit an unpleasant odor:

Dirty Evaporator

The first cause of a smelly car air conditioner is the evaporator which is full of dirt and slimy. When the condition is dirty, it can cause mold and bacteria in it. The more fungi and bacteria, then it’s just a matter of time before your car air conditioner smells bad. Usually, there are other unpleasant odors that characterize this cause.

Evaporators can also leak. If it’s like this, then there will be a smell. But what appears is a distinctive freon smell. The bigger the leak and the remaining freon, the more pronounced the smell. As much as possible what you should do next is clean the evaporator.

Cigarette Smoke

If Sahabat Garasi is an active smoker, don’t smoke in the car. Because, you will leave a trail of cigarette smell that sticks to several parts, such as seats, ceilings, carpets, to the car dashboard, and of course causes the car air conditioner to smell. It’s smelly, it’s also difficult to clean it. If you really want the condition of the car air conditioner to smell good, you should avoid smoking in the car and always keep the vehicle clean.

Low-Quality Fragrance

Every car driver must install a fragrance or perfume in the air conditioner of the car. Serves to provide a pleasant aroma to breathe, but fragrances can also cause unpleasant odors. The main reason is that the quality of the fragrance is very low. High alcohol levels can also make the car air conditioner emit a sour smell. For that, pay attention to the fragrance that Sahabat Garasi buys to use. Do not let the alcohol content be too high and choose good quality.

Poor Ventilation

Maybe you’ve smelled exhaust smoke or garbage while driving. Likewise, the environment is indeed dirty. However, all of that can be avoided if Sahabat Garasi has good window ventilation. If the quality is poor, various odors from outside the car can enter the cabin. Surely it will make you uncomfortable during the trip.

Animal Carcasses

In addition to some of the causes described above, the cause of a smelly car air conditioner can also be caused by animal carcasses. It is undeniable when the car is parked overnight, there may be animals such as mice, lizards, or cockroaches that enter the car.

If it is dead, it can be ascertained that the smell of carrion is very piercing the nose. If it’s like this, like it or not, you have to check several parts of the car to find the point where the animal carcass is located.