Want To Sell, This Is A Trick In Selling A Car

Trick In Selling A Car

The car is a means of transportation that was once considered a luxury because it is expensive and is used only for those who really need a car or do it for a lifestyle. So that the car is included in the tertiary needs which are the least recommended needs if you do not have money. But now the car has become a secondary category of needs. Many people are trying to save or credit to be able to buy a personal car and use it for daily activities. Well, this certainly has a good impact on car sellers who want to promote their cars. Even though the need for cars is increasing, due to the high prices, it is not easy to sell cars in order to sell them. Here’s a Trick in Selling a Car

The First Trick In Selling A Car Is To Accept The Freedom Of The Buyer

Often car dealers limit the desire of buyers to turn and circle the store. Especially if you have other cars to sell. In fact, giving buyers the freedom to look at goods, indicates that you are a seller who is open and believes in potential buyers. Freedom is meant here does not mean ignored or even abandoned. You can let them walk around the car they see or want, with a smile instead of asking them about the car.

Use Effective Conversation

When making transactions and buying cars, consumers are usually to the point and tend to ask important things. Why? because a car is not something that can be considered cheap. For consumers when deciding to buy and choose a car, they must really make up their minds and get quality and good goods. In addition, the conversation that you build must be honest, so that you don’t focus on the weaknesses you have to raise the advantages of the car.

As a seller, it would be better if you direct the questions and answers more effectively and clearly. For example, when they come they will look for a car, don’t ask what they are looking for, but offer what the advantages of a car in your shop are and how to maintain it. After that go into the tastes and needs of consumers because they can be different. For example, consumer A needs a car with a seat of 6 people while B only needs 4 people.

Eye Contact

Always use eye contact when you describe and offer your featured car. Usually with eye contact that is made it will be easier to give trust to the buyer. They feel cared for and reassured as potential buyers. They will also feel like they are respected for being spoken to in the right way. Building trust is not easy. Not all sellers and even car sellers can do it. But with eye contact building trust will feel easier, especially for consumers who are more worried and ask questions because they need the right and appropriate item.

 Use Humor

Furthermore, in the ethics of serving customers, you must say honestly and clearly. But you can also insert a little humor or joke in your transactions and conversations. This can build a sense of confidence and also connect you as a seller and them as potential buyers. Especially if they buy their car from you, then there will be a good relationship that is established and will later impact on the conditions where they give recommendations to buy a car at your shop. If something like this happens, it can be categorized as indirect sales with a mouth-to-mouth system.

Respect Their Opinion

Because the price is expensive, prospective buyers will ask questions carefully and a lot, as well as sellers who expect the car to be sold because the price is high and profitable. This is often used by sellers to force buyers to want and buy cars in their stores. If this has happened, there will be a sense of discomfort and a sense of coercion between the buyer and the seller.

If this is the case then you should apologize and listen to their opinion. Giving confidence and also respecting their opinions will give a distinct impression and overconfidence. Try to first ask their tastes and needs before you refer to the appropriate car.

That’s a row of tricks car sellers can do in order to sell their car and sell more than one car at least in one week. In addition to promoting you have to maintain the quality of the cars being sold because often good cars start to break or get dirty because they are not cleaned.…

The Advantages Of Electric Cars That You Should Know

Innovation unceasingly overwhelms technological developments. Starting from technology that is rarely used every day, to those that are often used every day, such as cars. Today, there are car innovations that are worth ogling and considering to have. The innovation is the electric car. Electric cars certainly have advantages and disadvantages. Here are the advantages of electric cars.

The First Advantage Of Electric Cars Is Saving

In the long run, buying an electric car is the right decision to cut vehicle costs. Although the cost of buying an electric car is expensive, if you think about it in the long term, electric cars are economical. The economical side of electric cars comes mainly from the fuel and maintenance side. For fuel, electric cars only need to be charged without buying gasoline. For the maintenance side, electric cars do not need engine lubricant. This is because electric cars use electrically powered engines and do not require oil anymore

Does Not Produce CO2 And CO  Emissions

Compared to conventional cars that run on gasoline, electric cars are considered more environmentally friendly. Gasoline fuel from conventional cars will produce fuel emissions in the form of CO2 and CO. Unlike the gasoline-fueled car, the electric car is more environmentally friendly because it does not produce CO2 and CO emissions.


For those who prefer to travel in serenity and silence, electric cars are the right choice. When using a conventional car, surely someone cannot start the engine without any noise. This is different from electric cars which produce a quieter sound.

More Efficient Combustion

The interesting thing about electric cars is that electric cars are able to convert energy into power three times greater than conventional cars. The reason is, electric cars convert about 59%-62% of electrical energy from the grid to power at the wheels. Meanwhile, conventional cars only convert about 17%-21% of the energy stored in gasoline into electricity at the wheels.

Safe to Drive

Although counted as a new invention, electric cars have gone through the same series of testing procedures as other conventional cars. One of the safety features provided by electric cars is that in the event of an accident, the airbag opens and the power supply is cut off from the battery. This will certainly prevent the passengers in the car from being injured or seriously injured.

That’s the advantage of electric cars. Hopefully, this is useful, for consideration in determining the type of vehicle you will buy.…

Your Car Air Conditioner Smells Bad, Maybe This Is The Cause

When driving a car, of course, air conditioning is very important, Friend Garage. Moreover, the hot weather in Indonesia, which is very hot, really needs air conditioning. However, if the condition of your car’s air conditioner emits an unpleasant odor. This will interfere with your trip. An unpleasant odor in the vehicle cooling system is one of the problems that will be faced by car owners. One way to overcome this problem is to find out the source of this odor. These are the factors that cause the car air conditioner to emit an unpleasant odor:

Dirty Evaporator

The first cause of a smelly car air conditioner is the evaporator which is full of dirt and slimy. When the condition is dirty, it can cause mold and bacteria in it. The more fungi and bacteria, then it’s just a matter of time before your car air conditioner smells bad. Usually, there are other unpleasant odors that characterize this cause.

Evaporators can also leak. If it’s like this, then there will be a smell. But what appears is a distinctive freon smell. The bigger the leak and the remaining freon, the more pronounced the smell. As much as possible what you should do next is clean the evaporator.

Cigarette Smoke

If Sahabat Garasi is an active smoker, don’t smoke in the car. Because, you will leave a trail of cigarette smell that sticks to several parts, such as seats, ceilings, carpets, to the car dashboard, and of course causes the car air conditioner to smell. It’s smelly, it’s also difficult to clean it. If you really want the condition of the car air conditioner to smell good, you should avoid smoking in the car and always keep the vehicle clean.

Low-Quality Fragrance

Every car driver must install a fragrance or perfume in the air conditioner of the car. Serves to provide a pleasant aroma to breathe, but fragrances can also cause unpleasant odors. The main reason is that the quality of the fragrance is very low. High alcohol levels can also make the car air conditioner emit a sour smell. For that, pay attention to the fragrance that Sahabat Garasi buys to use. Do not let the alcohol content be too high and choose good quality.

Poor Ventilation

Maybe you’ve smelled exhaust smoke or garbage while driving. Likewise, the environment is indeed dirty. However, all of that can be avoided if Sahabat Garasi has good window ventilation. If the quality is poor, various odors from outside the car can enter the cabin. Surely it will make you uncomfortable during the trip.

Animal Carcasses

In addition to some of the causes described above, the cause of a smelly car air conditioner can also be caused by animal carcasses. It is undeniable when the car is parked overnight, there may be animals such as mice, lizards, or cockroaches that enter the car.

If it is dead, it can be ascertained that the smell of carrion is very piercing the nose. If it’s like this, like it or not, you have to check several parts of the car to find the point where the animal carcass is located.…

Motorcycle Automatic Adventure Genre Honda ADV 350

The latest adventure genre automatic motorbike from the Honda ADV 350 has finally officially launched with the latest technology. Honda unveiled the ADV 350 at the 2021 EICMA event in Milan, Italy. The launch of this matic motorbike is much awaited by bikers. According to the news, the older brother of the ADV 150, will also be exhibited at the upcoming Thailand Moto Expo 2022. This 2022 Honda ADV 350 looks fierce with firm body curves and looks strong in accordance with its character.

The dual headlights at first glance are similar to the latest Honda X-ADV, seen from the side but not too high but look long. The Honda ADV 350 uses an engine with a capacity of 330cc SOHC, 4 valves, using Enhanced Smart Power + (eSP +), and is liquid-cooled. The engine churns out 28 hp at 7,500 rpm and 31.9 nm of torque at 5,250 pm.

The motorcycle which has a length of 2,200 mm, a width of 895 mm, and a height of 1,430 mm is suitable for bulldozing asphalt and dirt roads because it has a ground clearance of 145 mm. For the rear suspension, it uses a twin shock model with a travel distance of 130 mm. Meanwhile, the front suspension relies on a 37 mm upside-down type with a playing distance of 125 mm. The Honda ADV 350 uses striped rims, a 15-inch front with 120/70-15 tires, and a 14-inch rear rim wrapped in 140/70-14 tires.

This adventure-style motorbike with a weight of 186 kg and has a fuel tank capacity of 11.7 liters is very popular with bikers in Europe. This motorbike, which has no competitors from competitors in Indonesia, is equipped with many modern features such as an LCD instrument panel with Honda Smartphone Voice Control System technology.

The lights are full-LED for the front and rear and are equipped with a large windscreen that can be set manually in 2 steps. Regarding luggage, this motorbike has a large luggage capacity with a size of 48 liters and can fit 2 full-face helmets. For braking, the ADV 350 is already using Nissin, dual-channel ABS with 2-piston calipers for the front and 1-piston for the rear.…

How To Take Care Of Car Seats In A Simple Way

The seat is one part of the car that is certainly very often touched. With comfortable car seats, the trip will be more comfortable and satisfying. But because it is used very often, the seat has the potential to be damaged. This is because of the continuous contact and friction that often occurs when the car passenger moves on the seat. So it should be remembered for you that the condition of the seats in particular, and the cabin in general, need regular attention. This is also useful for the health of vehicle users. The upholstery itself is relatively easy to maintain, some of the ways are:

Clean Car Seats Properly

Upholstery must be cleaned properly, for example on leather upholstery, the use of alcohol can damage the protective layer. If damaged, the upholstery can crack and dry out, making it uncomfortable to sit on. For velvet upholstery, it can be cleaned with the right soap and immediately wiped so it doesn’t get damp.

Don’t Dry

Upholstery, especially leather seats, should not be exposed to the sun too often. On leather seats, sunlight can damage the protective layer and make the upholstery dry. This can cause cracking and tearing.

 Be Careful With Liquids

Always be careful with liquids, whether from drinks or other liquids. Because the seat foam is very absorbent. If left unchecked, the liquid can form mold in the upholstery foam and cause an unpleasant odor. In addition, these mushrooms are also not good for health.

Give a Protective Layer

If the car is old enough, then the seats can be given an additional protective layer of leather. This itself is often found in professional car washes.

Perform Routine Maintenance

To care for car seats to make them more durable, namely, perform regular maintenance. Clean dust or food debris stuck to the upholstery. To do this, you will need a Kanebo or a pre-moistened cloth. This method is done on a seat that uses a leather sheath.…

How to Remove the Car Battery & Install It Yourself


The car battery is one of the main components in a car. The car battery has the function to drain the electric current in the vehicle. The car battery will affect the life and death of the engine in the car. The age of the car battery depends on its use. If you use your car to travel long distances at a speed of 80 km / h, the life of the car battery will last a long time. However, if you often use your car above that speed, chances are that your car battery will quickly weaken. This is because the battery charging power is maximized with an engine rotation of around 2000 RPM.

Now to install and remove the car battery do not have to go to the repair shop. You can do it yourself at home or on the road when your car suddenly breaks down because it runs out of battery. But before you remove the car battery yourself, you have to make sure that your car engine is off.

How To Install & Remove Car Battery In Injection Car

The latest and most modern cars usually use various full-electronic technologies regulated by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). Errors when installing an injection car battery are fatal mistakes. Because it causes disturbances, such as loss of clock memory, audio, jammed power windows, and the ECU becomes disturbed.

How to Install & Remove a Car Battery With the Help of a Battery Charger

  • In order not to make an error in installing a car battery, you must know how to install a car battery in the correct injection system. Here’s how to install an injection car battery.
  • start the car and prepare a battery charger, a new car battery to help the replacement process.
  • Hook the battery charger cable at the head of the foot to ensure that the electric power is maintained.
  • Remove the bolt on the head of the foot from its place.
  • Replace a new battery with your car’s specifications.
  • After changing the battery, you can remove the battery charger.

After you know, how to install & remove a car battery on an injection car, then you also have to know how to install a non-injection car battery. Here’s how to install a car battery on a non-injected car.

Steps To Remove And Install The Battery In A Non-Injection Car

How to remove the car battery and install it yourself is not a difficult thing for you to do yourself. Especially if your car breaks down on the road because the car battery runs out then you have to install it yourself or you call a mechanic. Therefore, you should be able to remove and install the car battery yourself. Here are tips for removing and installing a non-injected car battery. Read the article until it’s finished

  1. Make sure that the car engine is turned off

The first thing you have to pay attention to when changing your car battery is that you have to make sure that the car engine and ignition are off. To anticipate this, you can remove the key from the ignition hole to ensure that no current enters the battery. If the ignition is on, it can cause sparks when there is still electricity and the battery cable is unplugged.

  1. Prepare the Tools First

Before you replace your car battery, then you should prepare a minus screwdriver, pliers, wrench or wrench that is the right size for the battery bolts and other tools if needed. The size of the wrench is usually 10 or 12.

  1. Remove the Negative Pole

In the battery, there are positive and negative poles so you have to remove the negative pole first. Because to avoid short circuits. If a short circuit occurs, it can cause battery problems and can endanger yourself. The negative pole is usually black and has a negative sign (-).

  1. Remove the Positive Pole

After you remove the negative pole, the next step is to remove the positive pole. The positive pole is usually red and there is a plus symbol (+). To remove the positive pole you have to remove the bolts, cables, and clamps.

  1. Take out the Car Battery

Before removing the car battery, you should check the bracket that holds the battery in place and remove all the connectors that hold the battery in the bracket. If everything is released then you can lift the battery from its place.

  1. 6 Clean Car Battery Terminals

After removing the car battery, the next step is to clean the car battery terminal. Check for terminal deposits and remove corrosion from terminals until they are shiny using emery cloth or 100 grit sandpaper.

  1. Install a New Car Battery

After the battery terminals are clean then you can attach the new battery …

Learn About Immobilizer

The immobilizer is an anti-theft system on your car keys that uses radio waves to identify the keys to your car. So, if someone tries to use the same car key, your car remains safe and avoids criminal matters. This security system is considered to be the highest security system to avoid car theft because it already uses a computerized system. So there are two transponders, namely the chip on the car key and the car keyhole. This is useful for carrying signals and connecting codes with the ECU.

The immobilizer is a feature that is still very helpful in maintaining the safety of the car. This makes Carsome Buddies more confident when leaving the car for a long period of time. Of course, with Immobilizer your car is protected safely. So, you don’t have to hesitate anymore. The function of the car becomes more effective if you turn on the smart key, with this feature you can use the car automatically when the car key is not far from the car. Almost all cars currently use the smart key feature.

Along with the times, almost all car keys are equipped with keyless and immobilizer features. This makes it even easier and more practical for you. However, when the key is broken or the component is damaged, this will certainly be very inconvenient. Listen, these are the disadvantages of the Immobilizer:

Keyless Users

Keyless users must be careful and periodically pay attention to the immobilizer indicator light if it is on. This indicates that you should replace the battery in the keyless car key. If you don’t have a spare key with you, this will prevent you from closing the car until you start the car. Why? Because when there is no keyless battery, it will be more difficult to send signals through the transmitter and transponder to be read by the ECU.

Complicated Repair

If it turns out that there is no problem with the battery, it means that there is another problem with the components in the car immobilizer. If it’s a serious problem like this, it certainly involves programming the ECU. So like it or not, the service and justification of the key must be dismantled as a whole and conduct a code re-research.

Of course, you can’t do this yourself, it must be done at an official car service center or car service that can handle immobilizer problems. The costs incurred usually start from Rp. 2 million to Rp. 15 million. This depends on the extent of the key damage or key loss.

Car Modifications Disrupt the System

Carsome friends must be careful when making modifications to the car, this can disrupt the electricity in your car. When this happens, it will change the entire system on the car. So, often you are mistaken that the car battery has a problem and causes a breakdown. On the other hand, your car’s immobilizer is disrupted due to code and system changes that can interfere with the electrical system and components in it.

Wave Disturbance

Wave interference can occur naturally because you are in a location that interferes with wave transmission. Usually, these are places like you park near a transmitter, cell phone provider’s Base Transceiver Station. If you are using a keyless remote, this situation will make it difficult for you to start the car. The solution is to keep stepping on the brake pedal and pressing the engine start button until it turns on.

Expired Code

The chip attached to the car remote usually has a limit, where after 5 years of use the code must be replaced. This you must do if it is felt that your car remote is difficult to respond to your actions.…